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off grid cooking no electricity

Cooking Off Grid with Solar and No Electricity

Traditionally, I have used biomass as my source for cooking off-grid, but the more I have gotten into solar energy, the more I want to do EVERYTHING with it. So in this article, I’ll be focusing on how to use solar energy to cook off grid without power by using a Sun Oven.

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pursuit solar tracker

To Track or Not to Track? Fully Mechanical Solar Tracker

After connecting with Pursuit Solar, they sent me a demo model to review which has brought me into this discussion on how people should decide if they should use a solar tracker or not. I also just wanted to show off this super cool solar-powered solar tracker that is fully mechanical!

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Adding Some Flavor to My Food Storage From My Backyard

I sure do have a good quantity of mashed potatoes in my food storage. However, I do not have lots of butter or bacon bits that can really make your potatoes yummy.  So while I was whining to my mom about the lack of flavor in my storage, she pointed out her yard to me.

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How To Protect Your Family From The Coronavirus

My advice for protecting yourself against the coronavirus is not much different than the prepper advice you’ve heard from me many times before. A good prepper plan will keep you prepared for almost any and every disaster that could come your way, including a virus outbreak.

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Sol-Ark 12k: Everything You Need to Know

The Sol-Ark 12k has an entire new range of applications compared to the Sol-Ark 8k. This powerful new inverter is ideal for off-grid or large solar systems and comes with some user-friendly updates. Read more about why we think its the best in its class

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