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We will plan the off grid infrastructure for your bunker so that things will stay running even when the grid is down.

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A Secure Shelter With a Reliable Infrastructure

Atlas Shelters manufactures a wide range of top quality survival bunkers. Each bunker is fully furnished with a customized interior. We are taking things to the next level by providing off grid infrastructure for your bunker. With a well-planned, off grid bunker, you can continue to have things like power and hot water running in your bunker even when the grid goes down. 

We Value Reliability, Sustainability & Are Helping Others Achieve It With Off Grid Bunkers

When making plans for a bunker, you need to ask yourself how things are going to operate in an emergency situation. Will you be relying completely on utility companies for your power to run and toilet to flush? Or will you have a sustainable infrastructure that will keep things running even when everything around you shuts down? If you want to be able to rely on your private set-up rather than utility companies in an emergency/survival situation, then you need to have an off grid bunker.

Our passion is helping people achieve a well-planned, sustainable lifestyle that keeps them prepared for all types of emergencies and disasters.

For over 10 years, we have been helping customers design and install off-grid systems that allow them to maintain their self-reliance even in the midst of a disaster. Having an off grid bunker will ensure that your power is running, septic is flowing, and showers are hot, no matter what. These aspects of your shelter are vital for both your physical and mental well-being, and with an off grid bunker, you won’t have to rely on anyone else to have them!

Order an Atlas Shelter bunker through us, and we’ll help you take it off the grid!

Areas to Consider for Your Bunker

Hot Water

Hot water is an essential part of sanitation, whether it is for food preparation, personal hygiene, or laundry. And let's face it, we all love a nice, hot shower. Without off grid hot water in your bunker, you could be in a lot of trouble.


We depend on electricity for everything: lighting, heating/cooling, cooking, charging devices, the list goes on! An off grid power source in your bunker can supply life-sustaining electricity if the grid is down for long periods of time.


A well-planned septic system is vital to your health and wellness, especially when you're in a closed-off, underground bunker. You need to have smart plans in place to make sure that you are able to dispose of waste properly.

We've Been Doing This For Over 10 Years

Scott Hunt, owner and founder of Practical Preppers®, is a professional engineer and started Practical Preppers® with a passion for helping others achieve independent and sustainable living. He has become the go-to expert across the nation for designing innovative, off grid energy and water systems. Scott is the top choice for designing your off grid bunker. You may also know him as Engineer775 on YouTube. 

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