The Most Sensible Invention Man Has Ever Put Fire To

cook your meals
heat your water
bake bread
roast turkey
dry your gloves
warm your feet
heat your house

A One-Time Investment That Will Last Many Lifetimes

Pioneer Princess Wood Cookstove

The Pioneer Princess is a wood-burning cookstove handmade by Amish craftsmen. This stove has a wide front load firebox door, thermostat control, and other friendly features including: 

  • front ash door
  • shaker grates
  • spacious oven
  • quick-heating spring load door
  • auxiliary turbo draft
  • downdraft efficiency
  • refractory fire brick

Easy to Start

The Pioneer Princess accessory draft allows you to temporarily introduce air below the grates making it easier to start on cold mornings.

Even Heating

The thermostat control provides more even heating, prevents overheating, and helps maintain the firebed overnight

Water Reservoirs

The Pioneer Princess has options for side or rear water reservoirs, giving you hot water on demand or humidity for your space. 

We Are All Hooked!

"I love my Pioneer Princes!!! Have used mine for over thee years now to heat the entire 1700 sqft house in chilly Canada no problems. Will last all night when using round logs up to about 20 inches long. Warmer will keep bread & pies toasty warm and of course there's nothing like toast cooked on that huge stove top. One of the best purchases I ever made, love it!"

- Michel L.
"I bought this exact stove, and LOVE it! My house is 1800 sq feet and it runs us out of the house..."

- Kim H.
Our Customers
"very happy with Scott & Lori, very kind and helpful with all the info they provided with us."

- Joe S.
Our Customers
"Fast service and really good email support – very satisfied"

-Wesley O.

A Closer Look

Customize your stove to have to features you want!


The Pioneer Princess is our most popular wood cookstove and we receive a lot of questions on it. View our most frequently asked questions below

Q. How long will it burn wood?

When the fire box is fully loaded, this stove can burn through the night for an average of 8 hours. 

Q. How much space will it heat?

This stove is made to heat up to 2,000 square feet!

Q. Can you heat water with this stove?

Yes! There is a water heating coil that you can add to your oven in order to set up a thermo-siphon system that heats your home’s water. 

Q. What other options does this stove have?

In addition to the rear and side water reservoirs mentioned above, customers will also have the option to add on a stainless water coil or warming oven.