AC Coupled Magnum

AC coupled system using our E-Panel with the Magnum MS4024PAE inverter. The MNEMS4024PAECLCPL is a complete ready to use (Less Batteries and cables) AC coupled system. The AC coupled system will give you battery backup when the utility is down and also allow the existing grid tie system to charge the batteries and run loads.



The MNEMS4024PAEACCPL-RSS is a Rapid Shut down compliant upgrade of this model. The RSS Upgrade includes:

  • RT main DC breaker (125, 175 or 250 amp depending on E-Panel)
  • A MNBDM (to control the main breaker)
  • A MNEPV5 DC breaker to protect the wire and MNBDM
  • Full function testing of the rapid shut down.
  • NOTE: the Birdhouse, Combiners and Cat-5 cable are sold separately.


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