ACDC18C Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump

ACDC18C Solar Air Conditioner Heat Pump

Solar air conditioner that requires no grid connection.

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Also available: ACDC12C 12000 BTU Version

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2 100 ft. “Whips” for connecting the panels directly to the air conditioner.

ACDC18C SOLAR Air Conditioner


No batteries needed. Like all DC-Inverter air conditioners, the ACDC18C compressor runs on DC power, which may at times be converted from AC power. This special solar air conditioner can accept DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, charge controller, or batteries. The solar DC power directly replaces AC power from the power company and can cut daytime energy costs for air conditioning or heating by up to 100%. No power is exported and no net metering agreement or special meter is needed. Can be used with all-DC, all-AC, or AC-DC whereby the unit can seamlessly blend both power sources with a bias towards using all available DC (solar) power first. During the day, the ACDC18C can get all or most of its power from 4-5 >/= 300W solar panels. The unit can be connected with up to 8 panels for running on 100% solar power with no Ac connection or when the sun is not at full strength. The system is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing most or all of the energy needed during daylight hours, supplemented by AC power at night or during times of cloud cover. This air conditioner may be connected to a 208-
240VAC 50/60Hz power source as desired for night time or cloudy day operation. Ratings per AHRI 210/240.




The ACDC18C installs just like a normal mini-split air conditioner, then you connect the solar panels using industry-standard MC4 connectors. You can use 4 or more normal solar panels (recommended 72 cell panels) of 290w-375w each and wired in series. You can order the panels, etc. from us or purchase them locally, note the panels should be minimum 36vmp rated, please review the specifications. If you use 60 cell panels (30vmp), use a minimum of four 60 cell panels. For off-grid operation during the day with no AC connection, with either type solar panel you may wish to add at least one additional panel.

The ACDC18C is shipped pre-charged with R410a, an ozone-friendly refrigerant and we recommend hiring a professional HVAC installer. If self-installing, you will need a licensed HVAC technician with a vacuum pump to do the final commissioning and to comply with US federal law. The units include a 3M lineset, if a longer one is needed, you may use a standard lineset which can easily and quickly be made onsite by the installer. You can also order various length linesets (1/2″ x 1/4″) from various online sellers such as Home Depot, Amazon, etc.



Indoor Unit:

Packing   (W*D*H)mm36.2×14.6×21.3
Gross weightLb.16.4

Outdoor Unit:

Packing  (W*D*H)inch36.2×15.6×23.8
Gross weightlbs.79.3




Solar panels, etc., are not included by default, they must be added on above.



Add Solar Panels?

None, 6 300+Watt Panels (At Least 1800W)


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