Auxiliary Plug w/starter cable (12VDC in/out)


Auxiliary Plug w/starter cable (12VDC in/out)

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This plug with 2′ wired cable allows for the easy integration of other 30-amp max renewable energy recharging methods such as a wind turbine, a microhydro turbine, or better yet, a kinetic energy source. 

It may also be used for drawing 12VDC up to 30 amps directly from the battery.
Customize the length of this plug as required for your application (e.g. wind or water turbine) – see custom cable length below.
Custom Cable Length:
Standard length of cable between panels and unit is 30 feet.  At order, you may request longer cabling.  Typical lengths:
50′ is $50 upgrade.  100′ is $370 upgrade.  150′ is $700 upgrade.



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