Doulton HCA2

Doulton HCA2





Doulton® gravity water filters are specifically designed for use in situations where a reliable supply of safe drinking water is unavailable. The HCA Gravity Water Filter is lightweight, durable and robust. It is compact, portable and simple to operate, requiring no external plumbing or power supply. The HCA Gravity Water Filter should be fitted with Doulton® Sterasyl®, Doulton® Super Sterasyl® or Doulton® ATC Super Sterasyl® ceramic filter candles, which have been rigorously performance tested and verified by both in-house and independent testing laboratories. This unit comes with 2 SuperSterasyl™ filter candles for the $113.02 price. Above you can also purchase with the 2 ATC SuperSterasyl™ filter candles for a total of $130.28.


Verified Filter Performance:

Absolute filtration efficiency to 0.9 microns (defined as >99.99%)

For particles from 0.5 to -0.8 microns efficiency is greater than 99.9%

Reduces turbidity by an efficiency greater than 99.7%





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