Electricity Generating Wood Camp Stove

This electricity-generating wood camp stove will cook your meals and charge your gear at same time. It even has an internal battery to store your generated power for future use. At only 2 pounds, it is extremely lightweight and portable.



Electricity Generating Wood Camp Stove (With Internal Battery!)

Turn fire into electricity with BioLite’s award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time. Leave the gas canisters behind and unlock the potential of the sticks and twigs around you.

  • Charge phones, lights, and more with 3W generated power
  • Burn sticks, wood scraps, or pellets
  • Boil Time: 1L in 4.5 min
  • Packs down to size of a 32oz widemouth water bottle
  • Weight: 2.06 lbs
  • Bonus FlexLight included to light surroundings

Don’t forget to check add BioLite’s KettlePot to your purchase to add cooking and boiling capabilities to your system. The KettlePot will also doubles as a protective carrying case your wood camp stove!

Camp Stove Full Features

  1. On-board battery – integrated 2600 mAh battery charges devices with or without a live fire
  2. Smart LED dashboard – real time feedback on fire strenth, power output, and fan speed settings
  3. USB charge out with 50% more power – Updated thermo-electrics create even more electricity from fire
  4. Internal fan jets – 4 fan speed settings circulate air for improved combustion and efficiency
  5. Lightweight Aluminum legs – fold legs up and away for nested portability
  6. Honeycomb heat mesh – Protective barrier from inner burn chamber
  7. Scalloped pot stand – Accommodates BioLite kettle pot, portable grill, and other cookware


  • USB output: 3 W
  • Boil time: 4.5 minutes for 1L
  • Fuel: biomass (sticks, twigs, pellets)
  • Compatible devices: most USB-chargeable devices (phones, cameras, lights)
  • Fan speeds: 4
  • Weight: 2.06 lb (935g)
  • Dimensions: Packed 5.0″ x 7.91″ (127mm x 201 mm)
  • Flexlight: 100 Lumens, powered via USB
  • Warnings: Prop 65 warning

How this Wood Camp Stove Generates Electricity

  1. BioLite’s patented core technology captures waste heat from the fire through a heat probe attached to the orange powerpack
  2. Heat is converted into electricity via a thermoelectric generator. This powers a fan and sends electricity to a USB charging port. Excess power is stored in internal battery
  3. The internal fan injects air back into the burn chamber dramatically improving combustion and creating a cleaner, more efficient burn


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