G-maxx Variable Speed Programmable Controller

Controls motor speed, oil temperature, cycle time, and total run time of your centrifuge system.



Run Time: Easily set the total run time of the centrifuge system and the entire system will automatically shut down when you want it to. The optional electric ball valve cuts the oil supply when the centrifuge stops. This combined with the automatic cycle time makes for a set it and forget it centrifuge system.

Cycle Time: Automatic cycling frees you from manually cycling the centrifuge system to dump sludge. Easily set time between dumps using the cycle timer. The optional electric ball valve turns off the oil input during the centrifuge dump.

Speed Control: Adjust the centrifuge speed from 2000G’s up to 8000G’s intermittent operation or 6000G continuous operation.

Temperature Control: The digital controller allows you to input your desired oil temperature. The temperature probe senses the temperature at the exit of the in-line heater for precise control of the oil temperature. The controller displays both the set temperature and the measured temperature. This allows you to optimize your process and be confident that is it working. The heater bypass switch allows you to override the controller and switch the heater off. Indicator lights tell you when the heater is on or when the heater is bypassed.

Flow Sensor: The included flow sensor turns off the heater circuit when low oil flow is detected.

Sold Separately: oil heaters, electric ball valve.

Special Note: The 2 Plug Heater Circuit option may be used with 1 or 2 heaters. For 1 heater -120 volt 15 amp operation, a jumper is inserted into the open plug. Two heaters require 240 volt 15 amp input.

Video description available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og7pAmA27v0&?t=1m40s

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