Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces

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Great book. Simply a great book and does it deliver! You get complete plans and operating instructions for a 10″ diameter cupola. HOLD IT! Now before you thumb your nose at me and start telling me that 10″ ain’t much of a furnace, I must remind you that a cupola is a fast melting furnace. With nothing more than a shop vac you can melt 330 pounds of iron in an hour’s time. Put on a high pressure blower and you’ll get more than 600 pounds of iron. And because you must have your sand molds already formed and in place before you start the heat, that means you’ll need about 2 tons of foundry sand to accommodate such a large amount of metal!

Steve will show you how to scale this fine little furnace up to produce more that a ton of iron per hour. But will you have enough sand for molds? I doubt it. You would need an army of gorillas to wheel that kind of melt…

Chapters include theory and design considerations, building a 10-inch cupola, cupola operation, air supply and blowers, designing centrifugal fans, construction of centrifugal fans, construction of pitot tube and manometer, calculation of air flow, additional cupolas based on the 15″ shell, oxygen enrichment, purchase of coke and more.

You get a small book. It’s so good you’ll wish it were 500 pages. But reading t’aint the same as doin’. Read the 128 pages, then get off your butt and build a furnace. The most difficult part will probably be getting the coke. And he’ll advise you on that, too.

Fantastic book for the foundryman. Get a copy. Pure meat. No fluff. Solid, proven how-to. I only wish it were five times bigger. Get a copy!

Book Information
Title Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces
ISBN 0970220308
Binding Paperback (softcover)
Dimensions 5½ x 8½
Pages 128
Chapters 13

Table of Contents

  • Purpose & Introduction (8)
  • I. Cupola Theory and Design Considerations (11)
  • II. Building a 10 inch Cupola (28)
  • III. Cupola Operation (49)
  • IV. Air Supply and Blowers (59)
  • V. Designing Centrifugal Fans (67)
  • VI. Construction of Centrifugal Fans (77)
  • VII. Construction of a Pitot Tube and Manometer (95)
  • VIII. Calculation of Air Flow (101)
  • IX. Additional Cupolas based on the 15″ Shell (107)
  • X. Oxygen Enrichment (111)
  • XI. Purchase of Coke (115)
  • XII. Conclusion (116)
  • Appendix:
    • Suppliers (118)
    • Air flow through Pipe (120)
    • Cupola Capacities and Dimensions (122)
    • Fan Capacities and Dimensions (123)
    • Fan Assembly, Exploded View (124)
    • Index (125)



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