Magnetic Mount Dual-Band Antenna with Coax Cable PL-259


Optional SMA to BNC Antenna Adapter Add-on available



Compact size magnetic mount dual-band antenna w/ coax cable which is ideal for emergency or portable car operations. Antenna is cut for 140-165/430-467 MHz and is 18 inches in length and supplied with 12 feet of coax cable. This dual-band antenna offers 1.7 dBi gain VHF / 4.15 dBi gain for UHF. The ANTMAG features a black finish and has coax cable connected to PL-259.

Also included are SMA-Standard and SMA-Reverse antenna adapters/connectors.


Fits Models: DB-750X, KG-UV6X, KG-UV3X Pro, KG-UV3D, DB-16X, GU-16 and more.





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