Portable #10 Can Sealer (Limited Availability!)


Portable #10 Can Sealer (Limited Availability!)

Semi-automatic, motorized #10 Can Sealer that allows you to easily can your own dry food at home. Order completely refurbished or new at a fraction of the cost!





$4,000.00 $1,895.00


Additional Supplies

Semi-Automatic Motorized Canner 

Can your own dry food at home with this portable #10 Can Sealer!!

Chain-drive #10 Can Sealer that is super tough, durable, and more sturdy than a hand-crank canner! If you have always wanted to can your own dry food at home, this reliable canner is the best deal you will find. The semi-automatic, motorized mechanism makes this can sealer extremely easy and simple to use. Watch our video below to see how it works.


  • Seals #10 cans
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Electric
  • Semi-automatic
  • motorized
  • Rugged and durable

Canner Details

When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints closed their family canning centers in 2016 our friends at Food Forever purchased all of their portable electric #10 can sealer machines and completely reconditioned them to like-new condition.

If you would like a brand new never before used machine we have a few of those available. All machines are heavy duty and built to last decades of use. Service and parts are available.

These machines were originally sold for $4,000. This is an amazing opportunity to get a great discount and a high-quality sealer that can bless your family and many others.

Chain drive, super tough, certified refurbished, durable. More sturdy than hand crank canner. Simple Instructions. Typically sell for $4,000-$5,000! Refurbished for $1895, New for $2,3000. Purchase cans, lids, and oxygen absorbers (Mitsubishi 300cc Oxygen Absorbers). If you want to can dry food at home, you can now do it at home on your own with this durable machine. Only 5 brand new left. Very well built.

What’s Included

  • #10 size can electric easy to use sealer machine
  • torque wrench
  • two 6″ C-clamps
  • instruction manual
  • customer service
  • repair & parts availability
  • Exclusive access to wholesale dry goods and canning supplies!

#10 cans may be ordered with this product. See details below.

Easy Operating Instructions

  1. Lower the base handle
  2. Set can on base
  3. Raise the base handle firmly to lock position
  4. Press motor switch and hold
  5. Gradually push handle forward (away from you) to first position line. Hold for 3 revolutions.
  6. Firmly pull handle back (toward you) to second position line. Hold for 3 revolutions.
  7. Return handle to center.
  8. Release motor switch
  9. Lower handle and remove can

Download Instruction Manual

Accessories and Supplies

Once you place your canner order we will contact you to find out how many cans, lids, boxes, etc. you would like.

#10 Can Cost: Can prices depend on how many cans you buy, but will be no more than $2.50 for can, metal lid and plastic lid. (Great price!) US-made, enamel coated on inside and outside. These are top quality cans. The best made!

#10 Cans Availability: We have a multiple direct sources for cans and we have pallets of cans available exclusively for those who buy a can sealer from us. (I’m sorry but due to demand we can only sell cans to our customers.)

Questions? Call Us. We’re here to help! (864) 915-1855

Shipping Details

Free Shipping to lower 48 US states. If you are in Hawaii, Alaska shipping will be added at checkout. If you need international shipping please email or call us.

IMPORTANT: Be careful with the razor-sharp edges on the cans. 






Reconditioned (Like New), New

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