POWER PEAK™ Ground Mount Kits

POWER PEAK™ Ground Mount Kits are optimized to site-specific conditions and designed to mount on standard pile driven (GSH version) or concrete foundations (GSHC version). Attachment points feature field adjustments for handling post misalignment and a quicker squaring of the table. The system layout allows for continuous rows or shorter tables to fit the land space available and match specified string size. The POWER PEAK system assembles without any lifting equipment and along with fewer components significantly reduces installation time and labor costs. Wind tunnel tested, code compliant, and supported by an experienced structural engineering staff, the POWER PEAK is designed to provide long-term service and reliability.

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  • Pre-assembly speeds install
  • One day set up results in reduced labor
  • PE stamped drawings
  • Local distributor inventory
  • UL 2703 compliant

These ground mounts can be shipped from South Carolina or Minnesota.


Power Peak Brochure



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