Sol-Ark 5k: 5,000 Watt 48 Volt All-In-One Solar Generator – Inverter

The long awaited Sol-Ark 5k!

Does NOT conform to California Energy Commission or Hawaii Electric lists for Grid Connection.



Sol-Ark 5K: 5kW 48 Volt All-In-One Solar Generator – Inverter

Watch our off-grid solar installation using Sol-Ark Inverters here

Manufacturer Part Number: 5K

Grid Tied Mode, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, Peak Shaving.
Can handle up to 6.5kW in solar panels.

  • Next Generation Efficiency
    3X Better! Only 4% losses vs. 14% in today’s battery based systems
  • Split Phase & Three Phase
    Sol-Ark’s 5K pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/ 240V appliances
  • Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Off-Grid
    Manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously
  • Flexible
    Sol-Ark is expandable up to 6.5kW in solar panels and 0-32 batteries.
  • 5-Year Standard Warranty

Helpful Hint with Sol-Ark hybrid inverters: Unlike most string inverters – Sol-Ark hrybid inverter solution will not have a complete power loss for a series string of modules if one of the panels goes bad (stops producing) *** so as long the total voltage of the remaining panel meets or exceeds the min mppt voltage range of 150VDC.

Call us or request a consultation for a proper design for your scenario and balance of system (BOS).


Monitor it from anywhere!



Download The Sol-Ark 5K Spec Sheet


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