Sol-Ark PCC230 Batteries

Sol-Ark PCC230 Batteries

minimum order quantity: 4

Only available with purchase of EMP hardened Sol-Ark inverter.
Batteries are priced at $830 each.

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Sol-Ark PCC230 Battery

minimum order: 4 batteries (48V)

The Sol-Ark PCC230: 12V Partial Charge Carbon Sealed AGM battery.

  • High Energy Efficiency: 98%
  • Low-Self Discharge
  • Long PSoC Cycle Life: 3,000
  • High Rate Discharge
  • 5 yr Warranty
  • No Watering Required

12V Partial Charge Carbon Sealed AGM Battery

The Sol-Ark PCC230 battery is a 12V Partial Charge Carbon Sealed AGM battery. PCC batteries have the lowest cost per cycle when compared to ANY commercially available battery technology available today (including Lithium)! Additionally, these Partially Charged Carbon batteries require no watering or off-gassing maintenance.

The Sol-Ark PCC230 battery features optimal Partial State of Charge and excellent energy efficiency ratings. This highly efficient battery maintains 99% round trip efficiency for over 2,300 cycles and will recover its efficiency if being heavily used and undercharged for the first 1,700 cycles. 

sol-ark pcc230 battery

Sol-Ark PCC230 Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V (6 cells)
Cycle Life 3,000 cycles @ 50% DoD (see cycle life chart below)
Lifespan 7+ years off grid, 12+ years grid tie
Optimal PSoC 50-99% SoC (Excellent)
Warranty 5 Year
Certification UL1989
Dimensions 6.1”W x 12.7”H x 22”D (154mm x 320mm x 559mm)
Weight 160 lb
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Sol-Ark PCC230 Key Features

  • High Energy Efficiency: 98%
  • Low Internal Resistance: 3 mOhm
  • Low-Self Discharge
  • Long PSoC Cycle Life: 3,000
  • High Rate Discharge
  • 5 yr Warranty
  • No Watering Required

Sol-Ark PCC230 Applications

  • Battery Backup
  • Off Grid
  • Time of Use
  • Self Consumption
  • Grid Zero

sol-ark solar system off grid

Off-Grid Solar System with Dual Sol-Ark 12k’s and 48V PCC230 Battery Backup

Depth of Discharge vs Cycles

solark PCC230 cycles


Sol-Ark PCC230 Battery Rack

Sol-Ark’s battery racks are made in Texas, USA and feature BUS bars for a clean installation. These rugged battery racks are designed to hold up to 16 batteries (44.8 kWh battery bank) with a maximum capacity of 2,600 lb. Contact us to order your Sol-Ark battery rack today.

sol-ark battery racksol-ark pcc230




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