Sample 11.2 kW Solar Kit | Sol-Ark Solar Generator

Sample 11.2 kW Solar Kit | Sol-Ark Solar Generator

This is a sample DIY system. Your true cost and system design can be determined after a consultation. Request a consultation today.



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System includes

  • 1 Sol-Ark 8K
  • 36 Panels
  • 16 AGM Batteries
  • Large Wire package
  • Transfer Switch
  • EMP Hardening (add $1200)
  • Roof¬† Mounts – Call for a Ground Mount Quote

How DIY Kits Work

DIY solar installation is easier than ever with the all-in-one Sol-Ark 8k inverter. Practical Preppers will help you plan and design your system, provide you with drawings and logistics, and help along the way. You will only need the help of local electrician for the installation! Follow the steps below to start your DIY installation:

Step 1: Request a Consultation (we will design the system you need for your site)

Step 2: Purchase materials (we will put together a comprehensive list of all the materials you need and order them all for you and help you with shipping logistics)

Step 3: Install (we will assist you and your electrician along the way)

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