SUN240 - 220/240 VAC, Portable Renewable Energy Generator 60Hz

SUN240 - 220/240 VAC, Portable Renewable Energy Generator 60Hz

SUN240 – 220/240 VAC, Portable Renewable Energy Generator 60Hz
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“Well Pump” version for devices requiring 240 VAC, but 60 Hz.  

A 3/4hp well pump is the limit




  • 2000+ Whrs stored, 3500W or more continuous, 10000W surge inverter.
  • Rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar, wind, other.
  • Comes standard with two 135 W solar panels and 30′ cable.


 A SUNRNR is Easy to Operate:


 A SUNRNR has a main on/off switch, an inverter on/off switch, solar panel and wind turbine/aux connector portals, either four standard US or two “universal” plug outlets depending on model, and a quick connect plug for expanding the system by linking with another SUNRNR main unit (any model) or the SUNPWR power module. The user’s manual provided with each unit describes the plug-and-play simplicity of operating and recharging.
A SUNRNR provides electricity from the stored energy in a rechargeable battery. The battery may be charging while the unit is off or while in use. Keeping the unit fully charged will ensure maximum power is available when needed – day or night, cloudy or bright, windy or calm.
Think of a SUNRNR energy storage system like you do a financial “bank” – you can only withdraw electric energy that has been deposited and you can maintain a maximum balance by turning off the unit when not in use and recharging when possible. Charging while in use is equivalent to earning interest or getting cash back on your purchases (power consumption) and will stretch your dollar. Your account has defined minimum and maximum limits, but your source of income is indefinitely renewable.





 Receive up to 90% off Solar Energy Systems in some states with State & Fed tax credits:






     Chargeable by Wind Turbine

     Using the Auxiliary Plug, you may recharge a SUNRNR with your 12V, 300+W wind turbine.               


                            Microhydro (water turbine) charging option

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Recharge a SUNRNR via water. Aux plug will be required. 










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