The SilverFire Wood or Biomass Fired Pizza/ Bread Dragon Oven!

The SilverFire Wood or Biomass Fired Pizza/ Bread Dragon Oven!



Our Dragon oven product is now available after 10 long years in development! This oven is stainless steel construction.  The beautiful exterior texture is hammered embossed stainless steel is set off with flat stainless steel trim. This is the World’s first production stainless steel wood burning pizza / bread oven that is both elegant and efficient!  This is due to our Xunda patent pending linear secondary gasifier firebox, with 3 levels of secondary gasification and primary combustion below (4 combustion levels total, in a revolutionary linear stainless steel TLUD firebox design).  This Dragon oven utilizes minimal fuel to bake and provides rapid pre-heating, due to the low mass insulated design.  Gourmet wood flavors can be infused in your specialty dishes, cheeses, breads, etc…, that is not possible in a traditional wood burning oven, with our revolutionary flavored wood smoke port feature!

1.  World’s First Linear Multiple Level Stainless Steel Gasifier Firebox (Resulting In Efficient, Clean Combustion)

2.  Oven Flavored Wood Smoke Port! (Unlimited Gourmet Wood Smoke Flavor Options If Desired, Unique To Our SilverFire Dragon Oven Design)

3.  Low Mass Oven Insulation Design (To Maximize Rapid Pre-Heating)

4.  Free Fuel Operation!  (Operates On Kindling, Twigs, or Other Free Flammable Biomass)

5.  Even Oven Heat Distribution!  (Uniform & Predictable Baking, Roasting, Grilling, & Cooking Control)

6.  Fully Assembled & Portable Locking Casters Wheels (Uncrate & Bake)

7.  Stainless Steel Construction (Elegant & Reliable)

8.  Removable Stainless Steel Hot Flue Gas Baffle Plate (Protects & Ensures Long Oven Life)

Wood fired pizza & bread baking, roasting, grilling, gourmet smoked foods, clay pot cooking, and other foods are all possible in our Dragon Oven.  Food is quickly and efficiently baked, roasted or grilled, using minimal fuel, with minimal emissions! Our wood fired multiple level gasifier firebox design evenly bakes foods and eliminates the need to constantly monitor or rotate pizza while baking, due to precise hot flue gas control. Our unique low mass white oven design is cleaner burning, faster heating, and uses less fuel than any other wood burning pizza oven currently available.



SilverFire ® Wood, Twig, or Biomass Fired Pizza / Bread Dragon Oven! This wood & biomass fired pizza / bread oven is the first environmentally friendly oven design in the World!  A typical high mass masonry or adobe style wood fired pizza oven (a black oven design), is extremely slow to reach baking temperatures, is dirty and high  in both emissions and fuel use, by comparison. This is due to the large amount of fuel and time required, to heat a high mass oven to baking temperatures, the inefficient combustion design, and lack of precise hot flue gas control.

Most wood fired large mass ovens (black ovens) require hours to reach efficient baking temperatures from a cold start. They may use any where from 2 to 4 trash cans of firewood to reach and maintain appropriate baking temperatures, utilizing tremendous amounts of fuel and creating large volumes of emissions. The traditional masonry open (black oven) chamber design (with the fire located at the rear of the oven) is an inefficient design, compared to the white oven design .  The open chamber black oven  requires constant pizza rotation and monitoring. 

Unfortunately black ovens frequently result in overheating and charring edges of the pizza crust or food surfaces,yet hungry folks are still gobbling down carcinogenic compounds.  Black oven designs control requires constant monitoring to prevent charring. Charred meat (protein) and fat has been linked to cancer causing compounds by both heterocyclic amines (HCA’s) and poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s).  These carcinogenic compounds are minimized by eliminating direct contact with flame and reducing temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit / 260 degrees Celsius.  In black oven designs, unfortunately one side of the pizza or food item is always adjacent to the fire at much hotter, uncontrolled temperatures, resulting in an uneven baking process, unless closely supervised and rotated.  

In summary, an open oven design means cold air constantly entering oven, resulting in less efficient combustion, resulting in large ember and char formation, impeding oven ventilation and efficiency and increasing potential to char food and developing carcinogenic compounds, due to hotter required fire to perform baking task.  Our SilverFire Dragon Oven is a white oven design that eliminates contact with direct flame and or hot flue gases directly contacting food, in accordance with current health recommendations.  Overheated and unsupervised cooking in a white oven can also result in charring of food, if overheated.  Smoking foods in our white oven design are recommended not to exceed 200 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit / 93 -149 degrees Celsius, with current health guidelines.



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