Titan Solar Generator 500W Solar Kit

The Titan 500W Kits are the perfect setup for people who are in need of emergency power for long term power outages. This is designed for running the essentials. Choose from the Rigid Kit or the Flexx Kit.

  • 1 – Titan Solar Generator (Inverter & Battery)
  • 5 – Rigid or Flexx 100 Solar Panels (500w)
  • 4 – DC Charging Plugs
  • 1 – 100ft Solar Panel Cable Set
  • 1 – Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter
  • 1 – MC4 Tool Set
  • 1 – XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
  • & more!

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Titan Solar Generator 500W Solar Kit

The Ultimate Portable Solar System: Titan 500 Rigid/Flexx Kit

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The Titan 500 Rigid Kit is the perfect setup for people who are in need of emergency power for long term power outages. This is designed for running the essentials. It uses the 100 watt rigid panels which are more affordable but weight much more than the Flexx panels.

This was designed around the idea of running essentials such as the refrigerator, fans, lights, tv and other small electronics for an extended period of time. Because of the large battery capacity that comes in the Titan of 2,000wh, there is plenty of stored power to run even when the sun is not out.

Using all 500 watts in solar panels means that it is easy to charge the Titan within 4 to 5 hours. This means that it is possible to be running equipment during the day and still be charging up and the battery can be at 100% by the end of the day ready for the night.


The Titan Generator is the most versatile portable solar generator on the market! Built with the most efficient, quality components, the Titan provides reliable solar backup for any situation.  Here are some of the key features that make it in a class of its own:

  • Removable Expandable lithium ion battery
  • 2000 watt hour lithium battery
  • 3000 watt high efficiency inverter
  • Dual MPPT charge controllers (2000 watts total) with a wide voltage range
  • Fast AC charging 600 watts standard 1200 watts with a second charger

What’s Included

Titan 500 Rigid Kit Titan 500 Flexx Kit
Image Image
(1) Titan Solar Generator (inverter + battery) (1) Titan Solar Generator (inverter + battery)
(5) Rigid 100W Solar Panels (500w) (5) Flexx 100W Solar Panels (500W)
(4) DC Charging Plugs (4) DC Charging Plugs
(1) 100ft Solar Panel Cable Set (1) 100ft Solar Panel Cable Set
(1) Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter (1) Anderson Powerpole to MC4 Adapter
(1) MC4 Tool Set (1) MC4 Tool Set
(1) XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags (1) XXL Tech Protect Faraday/EMP Bags
(2) USB Chain Lights (2) USB Chain Lights
(1) Titan Reset Cable (1) Titan Reset Cable
(1) Car Charger (1) Car Charger
(1) AC Wall Charger (1) AC Wall Charger


A Closer Look at the Titan Solar Generator

Expandable and Removable Battery

This innovative approach will give you greater portability and flexibility in what you can power with the Titan solar generator. By simply adding more battery packs you can expand or replace your batteries quickly and easily. By separating the battery from the other components, you can easily carry each component.

2000 Watt-Hour Lithium Battery

 Included with the Titan solar generator is one of the largest available batteries in this category.  It is nearly twice the capacity of similar systems, with a life span of 10 years.

The 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Titan inverter is extremely powerful – twice as powerful as comparable solar generators. However, it is still extremely efficient with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%!  Generally, the larger the inverter the more power it uses just to run- like a large truck burns more gas than a small car.  This is comparable to having a 500 hp race car getting better fuel mileage than a geo metro.

Quality, Reliable Components

There are many solar generators out there that use cheap, low quality charge controllers that cannot step the voltage down to produce high amps.  Most don’t allow for voltages over 30-50 volts.  The Titan on the other hand, can take up to 145 volts.  This means your solar panel wires will have very low amps running through them making them much more efficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be very hot).  It also makes wiring up your solar panels much easier and safer.

Powerful AC Charger

The AC wall charger included will charge your battery pack in around 4 hours (other systems take up to 24 hours)!  You can also add a second charger to double the charging power (for when you have more than one battery).

Engineer775 Video Review



Solar Titan Generator Manual

How it Works

What Size Titan Kit Do You Need?

  • 500 watts of solar, and one battery will be more powerful than any other portable system like this that is available.  It is large enough to run most home appliances, including a fridge, washing machine, microwave, cook top stove, fans lights, tv, and other electronics.
  • 1000 watts of solar-  With the extra solar, you can run everything the 500 watts of solar can run and more.  This means when the sun is out, you can run most things without even draining your battery, and during cloudy days it will still produce a lot of power.
  • 1500 watts of solar –  Usually with 1500 watts of solar you will also add a second battery to take advantage of the extra power.  this means you can now run a fridge and a freezer, and much more, including water pumps, a vacuum, power tools, etc.  You could even run a small air conditioner during the day to keep cool.
  • 2000 watts of solar-  similar to the 1500 watt system, other that it will recharge even quicker, and provide more power especially during cloudy days.
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Please feel free to contact us if you need help figuring out the size system you need!



Battery Voltage: 29.4V (only charged to 29.2)
Battery capacity: 74ah (usable) 2000 watt hours (usable)
Maximum charge current: 40A (approximately 1000 watts)
Maximum continuous Discharge: 100A (approximately 2500 watts)
Suggested continuous Discharge (for long life): 1500 watts
Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less): 300A (approximately 7700 watts )
Weight: 35lbs approximately
size: 12×18.5×4.5 in

Output Voltage: 120V AC (pure sine wave)
Continuous Power output: 3,000 Watts
Peak Power output: 6,000 watts
Inverter no load power consumption: 5-15 watts (typical 10 watts)
Size (Top portion not including the battery): 12X18.5X7.75 in
weight: 35lbs (approximate)

Dual MPPT controllers
Input Volts: 35V to 145VDC
Maximum input Amps: 30 amps per input port
Maximum charging amps: 80A (40A per port)
Charge rate: up to 2000W (using both ports, and with two or more batteries)

AC charging: 600 watts Per charger (up to 2 chargers max)
Car port charging: 150 watts
Number of outlets: 6-15A, and one 30A RV outlet
USB Ports: 6 smart USB, 2 USB C
12V ports: 4 – regulated at 13.8V (20A each with a maximum of 20A total)
Weight: 35/35 (estimated)
Dimensions: 18.5x12x12 (battery and Power module together)


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