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We provide families with unique and innovative approaches to sustainable, independent living in order to minimize fears in an unstable world

Welcome To Practical Preppers

For over 10 years, Practical Preppers has been providing off-grid living solutions to families everywhere. Our passion is to help others establish their off-grid “oasis” that they can depend on and thrive in even during a disaster or emergency. In addition to consultations and installations, we also offer an online store that is a one-stop-stop for independent living. So whether you are preparing ahead for emergencies, living in a remote area, or just pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle in general, Practical Preppers is where you need to be!

Ways That You Should Prepare

There are several ways that you can prepare your family to safely endure an emergency situation. Below are the areas that everyone should consider.

Developing multiple plans on communication with those on the retreat and ways to gather information from short and long distances

Population density, proximity to nuclear power, water sources, military bases, farms, etc. are all things to consider with location

Technical information concerning medications and alternative healing methods

Efficient ways to source, produce, and use renewable energy to power, heat, and cool your property

Long term and short term food storage plans as well as strategies to resupply food

Life sustaining potable and non-potable water systems, tailored to the needs of the property

Meet Scott Hunt

Practical Preppers founder and CEO

Scott Hunt, a mechanical engineer, founded Practical Preppers over 10 years ago out of a passion for helping families achieve independence and security in an unstable world. Scott is more widely known as Engineer775 from his YouTube channel, where he shares innovative approaches to sustainability and independence to his more than 260,000 loyal subscribers. While Scott is an expert in every area of preparedness, he is most passionate about developing off-grid energy and water solutions for families.

“As a Prepper I strive towards self sufficiency, energy efficiency, alternative energy, conservation and helping others do the same.” – Scott Hunt

Our Services

Our services have helped thousands of families achieve their dreams of an independent, off-grid lifestyle. We offer one-on-one consultations, installations, and support in the following areas:

  • Solar – grid-tie, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems. Full home systems or stand-alone systems such as solar air conditioning. We also offer designs and support to DIY solar customers. Learn more
  • Water – Off-grid water systems for well pumps, home delivery, irrigation, livestock watering, aeration and more. Learn more
  • Shelters – Off-grid infrastructure planning and implementation for your shelter or retreat. Learn more
  • General Prepping – One-on-one consultations to ensure that your family/group is fully prepared in every essential area to survive and thrive in an emergency situation. Learn more 

Featured Projects

We are passionate about helping families achieve their goals of sustainable living — be it through renewable water systems, solar systems, & more. Each of our projects is a representation of high-quality engineering, collaboration, and passion.

We hope that you too will be inspired by these projects to pursue a more clean, independent, and sustainable lifestyle. 

Solar Water Pumping

Off Grid Solar System

Grid-Tie Solar

Solar Aeration


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