The Ultimate Off-Grid Power Systems

Energy Storage



Energy Storage

Giga Stack 51.2V 100AH

The new Giga Stack Series Battery 51.2V 100AH By Rubix! Stack up to 6 battery modules and parallel up to 4 stacks in a battery bank.! Competitively priced, easy to install, and with a 12 year warranty included!



Sol-Ark continues to send shockwaves in the solar industry and is the solar inverter brand we most highly recommend. Sol-Ark's all-in-one systems also make DIY solar easier than ever!


Sinclair Sky-Rack 2.0

Our reasons for recommending ground mounts are many, and the Sinclair Sky-Rack ground mount system is always our go-to. This ground mount is durable, affordable, American-made, and easy to install!

Homestead Independence
Starts Here

Plan and Design

  • We start with a consultation where we’ll discuss the goals you have for your homestead and how to achieve them
  • We’ll consider provisions for power, running water, hot water & AC
  • We’ll design the solar system you need
  • We show 3D renderings of the system in your space

Ship And Install

  • We’ll order and ship all materials to your installation site
  • We offer permit packages, drawings, diagrams & more to assist
  • We offer DIY & turnkey installation solutions
  • We offer constant support and advice to our DIY installers

Lifetime Support

  • We provide ongoing support for our customers after their system is installed
  • Support is free, just contact us!
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Why Solar?

Scott Hunt, mechanical engineer and nationally recognized preparedness expert, founded Practical Preppers® out of a passion for helping families achieve independence and security in an unstable world.

For us, solar is playing a big part of an even bigger goal: to have a completely self-sustainable home. When we design solar systems, we’re planning provisions not only for power, but also for running water, hot water, heating/cooling, etc. We discuss all these things during our first consultation meeting.

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Follow Practical Preppers® founder Scott Hunt (aka Engineer775) as he experiments, educates, and engages viewers to live an independent, sustainable lifestyle. 

Get Started

Scott Hunt

60 Minute Consultation

Turnkey Solar Installations are limited to residents of Southeastern United States

We are now booking 2024 turnkey installations and DIY projects

Consultations include a site-evaluation using Helioscope, Aurora, Google Earth, and Near Map. Consultations result in a virtual solar design, simulated production report of your system, and a complete quote of the materials needed for your project, as well as optional permitting/planset assistance.

Upon scheduling your consultation, please use the provided DropBox link to share copies of your power bill as well as pictures of your meter, electrical panels, and where you plan to install equipment.

Shipping logistics will be discussed during the consultation.