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At Practical Preppers®, we enjoy the sense of security that comes with self-sufficiency. Our passion is to help others plan and design self-sustainable homes in the most affordable way possible. We offer expertise in all areas of preparedness, specializing in energy and water. Our solutions are tested, proven, and have saved clients a lot of time and money. See more details about the services we offer below.


Our site is a vast resource for learning about sustainable living. Read our blogs and popular YouTube channel, Engineer775.
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You name it, we'll engineer it. We will help you plan and design any prepper, solar, or water project.
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We are a one-stop-shop for self-sustainability. We only sell products that we trust and have tested ourselves.
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We have a great team that installs solar systems, water systems, and more. We also help customers plan their DIY solar installations.
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Proud Sol-Ark Distributors

Looking for Sol-Ark?

We are proud distributors of Sol-Ark inverters and batteries. Here are a few reasons why we exclusively recommend Sol-Ark inverters:

  • Affordable and Efficient
  • All-In-One Prewired System
  • Grid-Tie, Off-Grid, or Hybrid Use
  • "Battery Agnostic"

We also work with solar installers and contractors. Contact us if you are installer looking for a Sol-Ark.

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Meet Scott

“As a Prepper I strive towards self sufficiency, energy efficiency, alternative energy, conservation and helping others do the same.”

Scott is the owner of Practical Preppers®. Scott has a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering and has previously worked as a National Geographic consultant, product development engineer with Michelin Tire, and Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Pickens.  Scott also manages a cow/calf operation, is an experienced homesteader, and successful Youtuber. You will truly be in the hands of an expert here at Practical Preppers. 


How much do I need & what will it cost?


Sustainability: Areas to Consider

Below are categories that everyone should consider in their plan for self-sustainability. We offer consultations and expertise in each area. 

Efficient ways to source, produce, and use renewable energy to power, heat, and cool your property

Life sustaining potable and non-potable water systems, tailored to the needs of the property

Population density, proximity to nuclear power, water sources, military bases, farms, etc. are all things to consider with location

Long term and short term food storage plans as well as strategies to resupply food

Developing multiple plans on communication with those on the retreat and ways to gather information from short and long distances

Technical information concerning medications and alternative healing methods

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Scott Hunt is an expert in all areas of sustainability. A consultation with Scott will include a plan and design created to meet your needs at the lowest possible costs. Clicking the Get Started button will take you to our quick consultation form that will be sent to us. Someone from our team will contact you shortly after to schedule the consultation

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