Featured Projects

We meet a lot of individuals who are passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living. For most folks, it’s not just an environmentally-conscious or financial decision — it’s a lifestyle change.  

We in turn are passionate about helping these individuals achieve their goals of sustainable living —  be it through renewable water systems, solar systems, & more. Each of our projects is a representation of high-quality engineering, collaboration, and passion. 

We hope that you too will be inspired by these projects to pursue a more clean, independent, and sustainable lifestyle.

time of use solar system

Time of Use Solar System

This exciting project brought us a dairy farm belonging to some folks who want to escape expensive Time of Use rates ($12…yes 12 dollars per kWh!) from their utility company

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off grid solar in snow

Off Grid Solar in a Cold Climate

This remote home in Michigan won’t see a power line for miles! It was very important for this family to have a reliable off-grid power system that would uphold even in the extreme snowy conditions that Michigan can get.

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Solar Pond Aeration

Solar Pond Aeration System

Today we are installing a PV direct (no batteries required) pond aeration system for a client in North Carolina that we’ve worked with before on multiple PV direct systems. We are doing this because they have recently experienced a lot fish kills in their pond. Learn more and watch the full installation video

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off grid bunker

Off-Grid Underground Shelter

We took things to the next level by designing and installing an off grid infrastructure for our customer’s shelter. With a well-planned, off grid infrastructure, this happy customer will continue to have things like power, septic, communications, and hot running water even if utilities companies are forced to shut down.

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