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Whether you are wanting to live clean, save money, or be independent from utility companies, there are many reasons why you may be choosing to go solar. When you choose Practical Preppers to handle your solar, you’re not just choosing experienced solar engineers, you’re choosing a family-owned business that is passionate about helping others reach their goals of sustainable living through solar energy. Over the past 10 years of designing and installing solar systems, we’ve added many customers to our Practical Preppers family, we’re excited to have you join us too!

Benefits of Solar Energy

Lower Electric Bill

You can even sell your excess electricity to the utility company for even lower energy bills​!


Reduce your carbon footprint, and run your home on clean, emission-free energy

Home Value

Increase your home’s resale value

Tax Incentives

Take advantage of generous tax credits from the federal and state government

DIY with Practical Preppers

We’ve got you covered

AFFORDABLE Ground Mounts

Sinclair ground mounts are versatile, easy to install, and at a fraction of the cost of competing ground mount systems. Rather than being made with aluminum, Sinclair Ground Mounts are full galvanized, driving their price point way down while remaining strong and reliable!

With only 4 main components and minimal hardware required, your installation will be a piece of cake. This is certainly the best ground mount for DIY solar!

(Ground mounts are currently on backorder)

Looking for Sol-Ark?

We are proud distributors of Sol-Ark inverters and batteries. Here are a few reasons why we exclusively recommend Sol-Ark inverters:

The Secret To
Affordable Solar

You Can Run Your Most Power-Hungry Appliances With A Simple, Low-Cost, Solar Direct System.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Walk through our calculator below for a quick estimate!

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  • Off-Grid Power Supplies & Generators

    Sol-Ark 12k: The Ultimate Off Grid Solar Inverter

    $6,750.00 Add to cart
  • Solar Power Panels, Batteries, and Components

    POWER PEAK™ Ground Mount Kits

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  • Solar Power Panels, Batteries, and Components

    Fortress eVault 18.5kWh Lithium Battery

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  • Solar Power Panels, Batteries, and Components

    PicoCell 3500

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    $4,000.00 Add to cart
  • Off-Grid Power Supplies & Generators

    Sol-Ark 8k: All-In-One Hybrid Inverter

    Rated 0 out of 5
    $6,100.00 Add to cart


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