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Whether you’re starting small or going big, we can help you plan, design, and install your next solar system. 


We've worked through the in's and out's of this industry for years! Through a consultation, we can develop your solar system design, give our best advice, and help you avoid big mistakes along the way.

Permit Packages

With every system we design, we provide full permit packages, diagrams, designs, and 3D models. We also offer permit packages to customers planning a DIY solar installation.


You can order inverters, ground mounts, solar panels, and more directly from our store. If you are buying a system with us, we will order all your materials and take care of any logistics.


We install solar systems in the southeastern United States. If you are planning a DIY installation, we will provide you with diagrams, manuals and be available for help through the process.

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You name it, we'll engineer it! Whether you need to update an old well pump or install a new off-grid solar system, we are here to help. Fill out our quick consultation form to get started on your next project.

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AFFORDABLE Ground Mounts

Sinclair ground mounts are versatile, easy to install, and at a fraction of the cost of competing ground mount systems. Rather than being made with aluminum, Sinclair Ground Mounts are full galvanized, driving their price point way down while remaining strong and reliable!

With only 4 main components and minimal hardware required, your installation will be a piece of cake. This is certainly the best ground mount for DIY solar!

Looking for Sol-Ark?

We are proud distributors of Sol-Ark inverters and batteries. Here are a few reasons why we exclusively recommend Sol-Ark inverters:

  • Affordable and Efficient
  • All-In-One Prewired System
  • Grid-Tie, Off-Grid, or Hybrid Use
  • "Battery Agnostic"

The Secret To
Affordable Solar

You Can Run Your Most Power-Hungry Appliances With A Simple, Low-Cost, Solar Direct System.

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Sinclair SkyRack 2.0 Ground Mount

Fill out our quick form to receive your ground mount quote today. Please note that Sinclair ground mounts are designed for 72 cell panels.