DIY Solar

More and more people are turning to DIY solar to achieve their dreams of a solar-powered home sooner. A professional installer can easily be the most expensive component of a solar system, but when you consider DIY solar as an option, your dreams of solar suddenly become a reality.

If DIY solar sounds intimidating to you, you’re not alone. We know how overwhelming this process can be to someone who has never done it before. We want your experience with solar to be a great one, which is why we’ve come up with a method to help our DIY solar customers through the entire process. We design your system, ship your products, take care of your permits, walk you through installations, and more! When you start your DIY solar project with Practical Preppers®, we’ll be there from beginning to end.

DIY the right way with Practical Preppers
One of the biggest mistakes people make with DIY solar is not consulting with a professional from the start. We’ve seen too many customers end up with a DIY mess because they tried to plan the system themselves without any previous experience with solar design. If you start your DIY solar project with professionals like Practical Preppers® by your side, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and have the rewarding DIY experience you’re looking for.

How It

What We Do


Without a proper design, your solar equipment may very well be useless. We've been designing, installing, and experimenting with solar for over 10 years; we'll put all our best practices into designing the solar system that's right for you. We also use virtual imaging technology to help you locate the best place for your solar array and will order all of your equipment for you!


Without professional help, obtaining permits can be the most painful and time-consuming part of your solar project. We work with a third party business that specializes in obtaining permits for solar installations in every jurisdiction. We'll get you all the AHJ paperwork you need to save you endless hours of research, paperwork, and trips to the county office.


When your solar equipment arrives, you're not going to be the one feeling lost. After we design your system, we provide you with easy-to-read drawings, diagrams, and installation manuals to prepare you for the install. You'll already know how to navigate your system and will feel more ready than ever to start putting it all together.


Forget dealing with 10 different companies to get all of your solar equipment. When we're done with your design, we'll take care of your purchases and logistics until everything arrives at your doorstep. We've tested an tried countless brands of panels, inverters, and batteries and will make sure you get the best product for the job. The only thing you'll need to purchase directly are materials that can be found cheaper at your local hardware store (we'll provide you with this list of materials).


We're sticking with you 'til the end. We know you're going to have questions after you begin your installation so we will be available to help you along the way. Even though we call it DIY solar, you'll never actually be left on your own. We care about your experience and want to help you achieve the great reward of a self-installed solar system that works!

What You Do


With Practical Preppers® always one call away and drawings and instructions in your hand, your only job is to install the equipment that arrives at your door. We highly recommend recruiting local help and for some projects, it will be required for you to hire a local electrician for wiring. Even still, this is only a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional solar installer to do it all. You'll be left with a sustainable solar-powered home for your family and the most rewarding DIY project you've ever done.



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Phone Consultation

Consultations will take place over the phone and will include a site-evaluation using Google Earth and Helioscope. Consultations are $200/hour with no minimum time. There will be a 50% refund for the phone consultation charge for eligible customers who purchase their system with us.

On-Site Consultation

On-site evaluations are $200/hour plus travel fees with a 3 hour minimum. This will include a physical on-site evaluation of your property. Charges do not need to be collected to submit this form.

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The Best DIY Ground Mounts

Sinclair ground mounts are versatile, easy to install, and a fraction of the cost of competing ground mount systems. Rather than being made with aluminum, Sinclair Ground Mounts are full galvanized, driving their price point way down while remaining strong and reliable!

With only 4 main components and minimal required hardware, your installation will be a piece of cake. This is certainly the best ground mount for DIY solar!

Looking for Sol-Ark?

We are proud distributors of Sol-Ark inverters and batteries. Here are a few reasons why we exclusively recommend Sol-Ark inverters:

Sinclair SkyRack 2.0 Ground Mount

Fill out our quick form to receive your ground mount quote today. Please note that Sinclair ground mounts are designed for 72 cell panels.