How much will solar cost for my home?

There are a lot of reasons people are being drawn to solar. It’s clean, requiring no fossil fuels to produce, and it provides a way for you to OWN your energy rather than rent it from large companies for the rest of your life. But while solar energy is provided freely from the sun, we all know that there are costs to going solar, and this is #1 deciding factor for most people. Now, I will say, solar isn’t cheap! But the result of owning your power and producing it for free makes solar a smart decision for most people. To help you in your decision, Practical Preppers has programmed a calculator that will give you an instant estimate on how much it will cost to bring solar to your home. Our calculator is all inclusive. It takes into account labor costs as well as options for mounting, batteries, and EMP hardening. The estimate provided will be for YOUR home, based on your power consumption and exact location. Try it out for yourself!

Costs too much?

Don’t run away just yet. There are still plenty of options for you. 

  1. Increase your efficiency – there are a lot of ways that you can increase your home’s efficiency in order to decrease the amount of power your home consumes. Solar infrastructure is one of the least talked about topics among solar companies, but has the potential to save you thousands! We’ve even created a FREE guide on solar infrastructure that you can download here
  2. Try PV Direct – if you don’t know what PV Direct is, go here! PV Direct is an exciting, simple, solution to bringing solar power to your home. It requires no batteries, no charge controllers, and no inverters, meaning you can bring solar to your home at a very low cost!
  3. Keep learning – keep researching to see if the investment would be worth it for you. Don’t forget about the current Federal Incentive Tax Credit.

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