Simple Pump

A high-tech lever arm pump that is affordable, easy to use, reliable, and can operate up to a 325 ft water level!

Simple Pump Installation Manual

Simple Pump Brochure

Simple Pump Maintenance Manual

The Hand Pump For Your Water Well

The high-tech lever arm pump we sell is the easiest to operate, so it can be operated at far greater depths than any alternative.

It supports a total head of 325 feet. That can be from 325 feet water level — or the equivalent of 250 feet water level while pumping into pressure.

The 325-foot head maximum is enough for most wells in the U.S., where well water depths are generally in the 50-150 feet range.

Simple Pump Installation Manual

Simple Pump Brochure

Simple Pump Maintenance Manual

Simple Pump Parts List


The Simple Pump Fits In Almost All Wells

• Fits beside the submersible pipe in nearly all 4″ and larger wells.
• Or in a 2″ or 3″ well alone.

Less Pumping Effort

• Dramatically less pumping effort compared to others.
• So easy to pump with, a child can use it in many wells.

The Simple Pump Can Pump Water Into Your Pressure Tank

• Can pump into your pressure tank from most wells.
• Gives you full use of all your taps and fixtures.

From as Low as 325 ft Water Level

• MUCH farther down than other pumps.

The Simple Pump Costs Less!

• The best made hand pump — made by computer-controlled machining from aerospace grade, lead-free stainless steel, AND YET IT COSTS MARKEDLY LESS THAN ANY OTHER “SERIOUS” HAND-PUMP.

Additional Benefits of the Simple Pump


The Simple Pump is freeze-proof. A 1/16″ weep hole, drilled at 48 inches from the top fitting, allows the water to drain below the frost line and not freeze. For deeper frost lines, a custom weep hole can be drilled farther down at no charge. Another option is the Simple Pump pitless adaptor, which allows the water pipe to run underground to your house.

Testimonial: “I installed the pump this Fall at 11,000 feet in Colorado, and it is now working during the coldest part of the year!”

Easy to Install

If you have a well with a pitless adaptor, you may prefer to install the pump yourself (helper required). Many of our clients install their own pump. You only need simple tools such as Allen wrenches and vice grips — No winch/hoist or specialized tools are needed, as with many other hand pumps. And no cutting or gluing of PVC is required.

Testimonial: “My dog could have installed this pump if he had opposing thumbs! Totally awesome, and works perfectly. One person installation and your video did a shining job.”

Or you can, of course, have the installation performed by a professional like Practical Preppers or your local installer. (If your submersible piping exits through the well cap, then the skills and tools of a professional are required.)

Can be Installed on a Wide Well or Cistern

The usual installation of a Simple Pump is on top of the casing of a drilled well. But it can easily be installed in a wide or dug well — e.g. a 3-foot wide well with a concrete liner and a concrete lid… or on the top of a cistern. Usually, a hole would be drilled in the lid, and our mounting plate or adaptor secured with suitable bolts.


All components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.


Connection for standard 3/4″ hose (use drinking-water-compatible hose) or 3/4″ FNPT pipe.

Holds Prime

After pumping, the water level will slowly drop to the weep hole level. Then a few pumps will bring it up. If the pump is not being used for a while, the water in the pump will slowly drop back down to your water level. No priming is necessary. Just pump to bring the water back to the surface.


So durable, it has an expected 50-year lifespan. Aircraft-grade, solid billets of metal are computer machined for maximum precision — much stronger than castings. And because the parts fit together so precisely, wear is greatly reduced. Graphite-impregnated bronze bushings, at the three pump-head pivot points, further increase durability. Routine maintenance consists of replacing the seals. The frequency of this maintenance depends on the amount of use and quality of the water, but is typically between 3 and 10+ years.


If you are away from your property, for an extended period, you can remove the pump lever and lower the pump head. This leaves your pump inconspicuous and protected (as shown to the right).

Additional Unique Feature: Add-On Motors!

If, at some point in the future, you wanted to have a motorized Simple Pump, just do a quick and easy conversion with a Simple Pump motor. You don’t have to buy a whole new pump. AND if you then have an emergency with the motor, you can switch back to hand-operation in only about ten minutes! No other hand pump offers this hand-motor-hand conversion option.

Compare the Simple Pump to Others


Motor Pump Add-On

This pump is the ONLY lever-arm pump that can be upgraded to motorized operation.

The motor can be added in just a few minutes. And, in the case of failure, it can be switched back quickly to lever arm operation — again in just a few minutes. It is great for off-grid use. The motor is designed with a frugal power draw, minimizing the size of the solar array required to power it.

The motor is as energy-efficient as the most frugal solar submersible, with the unique benefits that come from being mounted above ground. While the submersible pump operates, the solar-powered configuration waits, fully ready to act as as a backup.

Manufacture, Quality and Affordability

It is manufactured in an aerospace-class manufacturing facility, alongside components for the Space Arm, medical robots and US jet fighters.

The lever-arm pump offers unmatched durability: designed for a 50+ year-life, with very low ongoing maintenance costs. It comes with a five-year warranty. Among lever arm pumps, its total cost of ownership is lowest — i.e. initial cost, plus low maintenance, plus great longevity.

For security, while you are away, lever arm can be removed in minutes. The pump can also be lowered into low-profile position, just a few inches above the casing. Unobtrusive. Vandal resistant. Easy to secure inside a small lock box.


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