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Starting at $2000 for a 50ft Static Water Level

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Protection For Now

Protect your family against grid equipment failures, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, ice, snow and wind storms.

Water Without Interruption

The Simple Pump pumps into pressure — the pressurized water tank of your home’s plumbing system — and gives you full use of ALL your household plumbing — year round — IN ANY CLIMATE (even Alaska).

The high-tech lever arm pump we sell is the easiest to operate, so it can be operated at far greater depths than any alternative.

It supports a total head of 350 feet. That can be from 350 feet water level — or the equivalent of 250 feet water level while pumping into pressure.

The 350-foot head maximum is enough for most wells in the U.S., where well water depths are generally in the 50-150 feet range.

The Only Such Pump We Sell

We source our lever arm pumps from one manufacturer. This pump is literally the only high-tech lever arm water pump manufactured in the world – computer machined from solid billets of stainless steel and aluminum.

It can be installed alongside a submersible, inside casings as small as 4 inches in diameter. Or installed alone, it only requires a 2-inch casing.

Those who want an on-site well option, who do not already have a well, find that the drilling costs are reduced by as much as two-thirds, compared to other lever arm pumps that require at least a 4-inch casing.

With its precision manufacture, you can hand-pump into a pressurized system (household plumbing or pressurized irrigation system) or uphill. The pump requires no modification; just the one-way check valve to stop the pressure pushing the water back.


Motor Pump Add-On

This pump is the ONLY lever-arm pump that can be upgraded to motorized operation.

The motor can be added in just a few minutes. And, in the case of failure, it can be switched back quickly to lever arm operation — again in just a few minutes. It is great for off-grid use. The motor is designed with a frugal power draw, minimizing the size of the solar array required to power it.

The motor is as energy-efficient as the most frugal solar submersible, with the unique benefits that come from being mounted above ground. While the submersible pump operates, the solar-powered configuration waits, fully ready to act as as a backup.

Manufacture, Quality and Affordability

It is manufactured in an aerospace-class manufacturing facility, alongside components for the Space Arm, medical robots and US jet fighters.

The lever-arm pump offers unmatched durability: designed for a 50+ year-life, with very low ongoing maintenance costs. It comes with a five-year warranty. Among lever arm pumps, its total cost of ownership is lowest — i.e. initial cost, plus low maintenance, plus great longevity.

For security, while you are away, lever arm can be removed in minutes. The pump can also be lowered into low-profile position, just a few inches above the casing. Unobtrusive. Vandal resistant. Easy to secure inside a small lock box.

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