Health Security: How to Prepare Yourself for Life

September is National Preparedness Month. This is a great time to work on your preparedness before holiday traveling and winter weather arrives.Your health security matters.

Personal Health Security is a Force Multiplier

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to improve your health and wellness by keeping your immune system strong, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving your level of fitness. Being lighter means you can travel further using the same amount of energy. You can lose 30lbs of fat and carry a 30lb Go Bag as if it were nothing. Imagine your daily life with 30lbs of pressure removed from your knees and back.

Lose Weight So That You Can Exercise

When it comes to weight loss many people think they can take up exercising and continue eating whatever they want. The reality is that the food you choose to put into your body has a far bigger and longer-lasting impact than your exercise regimen. By cutting out added sugar and excess carbs you can shed the extra fat you’re carrying around and allow your body to function the way it was meant to work. You’ll sleep better and have more consistent energy for anything that comes your way. You can exercise in the form of a lot of low impact activity every day. Losing the weight first will allow you to exercise occasionally at a higher intensity without injuring yourself.

Living Large Doesn’t Work

Can you skip a meal without becoming hangry? Is your day driven by your mealtimes? If everyday life has you beaten down, how are you going to respond in an emergency? Can you run a mile without having a heart attack? Can you patrol the perimeter of your property carrying gear? Can you do a single pull up? What if your life depended upon it?

How Many People Can You Outrun?

There’s a joke that you don’t have to be fast enough to outrun a bear. You just have to be fast enough to outrun your hiking buddies. While I hope you wouldn’t resort to that I think you’ll agree that it would be nice to be on the fitter side of the population than sitting within the definition of obese and slow. Improving your fitness and health is the best way to prepare for an uncertain future.

Take a Proactive Approach to Health Care

You are your best health care provider. By avoiding sugar, carbohydrates, additives, preservatives, and other junk food you will keep your immune system functioning the best it possibly can. If you aren’t investing in your health, what are you investing in? Contact me today about securing your health by upgrading your environment and habits.

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