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Solar Systems

Grid-tie · Off-grid · Hybrid

Whether you are in need of a complete solar system or individual components, we have everything you will need here. Receive an instant quote on your solar system and learn more about our DIY system kits and saving money with solar infrastructure. 

PV Direct

Hot Water · AC/Heating · Aeration · Water Pumping

PV Direct systems are perfect for those who aren’t ready to commit to a full solar system. PV Direct systems are simple solar systems that often only require two components: the solar modules and the load (no batteries, inverters, charge controllers, etc.). Learn more about how PV Direct works and start owning your power at a very low price!

DIY Solar

How it Works · What to Expect

Learn more about both the benefits and challenges with DIY solar. Get a full perspective of how the process works and read about the areas that you need to plan ahead in.


Costs · System Size 

We have put together calculators to help you in your decision-making when it comes to solar. Receive an instant estimate on how much solar your home will need or how much your solar system would cost. 

Lithium Batteries

Comparisons · Products

Learn more about current Lithium battery technology and why Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are replacing others in the market. View the LFP batteries we offer and get help planning your energy storage solution with lithium. 

Solar Products

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