How to Develop a Spring with a Spring Box

Tools Needed

A wheelbarrow full of gravel, a pick, a rake, and as many shovels as possible

The easiest way to develop a spring is by using a spring box and water collection system. These two items are available in our store.


  1. Locate seepage spring where the water seeps out of the ground.
  2. Install the cutoff wall and place gravel inside of it.
  3. Attach the overflow and backwash collection pipe inside of cutoff wall.
  4. Add more gravel to cover the pipes.
  5. Attach the backwash pipe, overflow pipe, and outlet pipe to outside of cutoff wall.
  6. Place the spring box in a recessed area in the ground below the elevation of the collection system.
  7. Cover the spring with black plastic to make sure the surface water doesn’t flow into the spring.
  8. Cover The spring with dry dirt
  9. Continue to cover the pipes with dirt.
  10. Now you can connect the spring box to a reservoir tank below the spring box.


A seepage spring head
Water Collection System with Gravel behind it
Spring Box with Water Collection System attached
A Water Collection System covered with a tarp to prevent surface water from entering
A completed Spring Box and Water Collection System that has been covered and is ready to by piped to the reservoir tank.

Be sure to remember to test your water before regularly drinking it.

Video Guide

As always, if you have any questions, Contact Us.

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