IMO 2 Pole 32 Amp DC Disconnect

IMO Enclosed DC Switch NEMA 4X, 32A 600VDC, 2 Pole, grey body with lockable black rotary in OFF position, UL508.

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About the IMO 2 Pole 32 Amp DC Disconnect

IMO’s True DC isolators deliver safe, reliable DC switching in several applications. These products have been specifically manufactured to ensure effective isolation of DC voltages within numerous application areas, including solar energy. Specific design features ensure fast switching speed, minimal power loss and the ability to withstand high-temperature environments.

Many manufacturers and suppliers use an AC isolator design that has been modified and de-rated for DC operation. Among other issues, for these products switching speed is directly linked to operator speed. Therefore, slow operation of the handle results in slow contact separation which can produce arcing times of 100ms or more.

IMO DC disconnect switches use a rotary “ knife contact” mechanism so when the unit is operated, the handle movement gives a double make/break per contact set. This IMO contact system ensures power loss per pole is kept at a minimum and consistent over the life of the product. We offer IMO DC disconnects rated for installation and use as switch-disconnects, all with options allowing for “ LOCKABLE OFF” operation.

These disconnect switches carry the following approvals: UL508i, TUV (60947-1 & 60947-3), CE and CCC. The switches are housed in thermoplastic enclosures to ensure durability in high-temperature environments. Available in 2 to 8 pole versions in a wide variety of mounting and handle configurations, the IMO DC disconnect range is suitable for most OEM or site installation applications.

Type: DC Disconnect
Voltage: 600
Phase/Poles: 2
Size: 98mm X 180MM (3.86 in. X 7.09 in.
Amps: 32
Color: Grey
Material: Plastic
Warranty: 1 Year