Lil Spring 2700

Lil Spring 2700

Lil Spring 2700
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Miraco’s Lil’Spring waterers are specifically designed for general livestock needs and are ideal for installation in paddocks or stalls. All Lil’Spring waterers have a 5-year warranty.

Lil’Spring features:

One-piece body polyethylene construction.
Smooth rounded edges for safety.
Durable construction stands up to livestock abuse.
Removeable dome for quick and easy access to valve area.
Molded base unit anchors.
Sloped bottom for easy cleaning.
Sealed bottom.
Hook-up kit included with every Lil’Spring waterer (a Miraco exclusive!)


Gallons: 6

Dimensions: 28.75″ x 17.5″x 14″ Drinking height: 14″

Weight: 40 pounds

Optional 250 watt submersible heater


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