Primus Wind Power 29 Foot AIR Guyed EZ Tower Kit With Pole



The EZ Tower is designed specifically for Primus Wind Power, AIR family of small wind turbines. This guy-wire supported tower uses lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength. Two people can easily erect this tower in about an hour. Because the wind turbine and EZ Tower are lightweight, no winches or vehicles are needed to erect the tower. The EZ Tower includes a simple yet effective tower base and anchoring system, which eliminates the need for a concrete pad. Kit Contents: (for more detailed information, please see the owner’s manual)

  • Tower Base
  • Upper Guy Wire Set
  • Lower Guy Wire Set
  • Tower Base Earth Spikes
  • Bolts and Locknuts
  • Cable Thimbles
  • Cable Clamps
  • Arrowhead Earth Anchors
  • Earth Anchor Driving Rod
  • Tower Tubes


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