Sinclair Ground Mount Sky-Rack 2.0 System

Sinclair ground mount system: Sky-Rack 2.0. This American-made ground mount is versatile, easy to install, and a fraction of the cost of competing brands.

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Sky-Rack 2.0  Sinclair Ground Mount System (Post Driven and Ballasted)

Made in America

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The Sky-Rack 2.0 ground mount system introduces an upgraded design to Sinclair ground mounts that increases the structural integrity of the assembly and provides more efficient installation techniques for rapid installations.

  • Versatile: This system offers fixed or season adjustable options (motorized or manual). Higher wind/snow loads options are also available
  • Simple: The Sky-Rack 2.0 also makes installations easy with only 4 main components and minimal hardware required. (see brochure below for full details)
  • Affordable: Rather than being made with aluminum, these ground mounts are full galvanized, driving their price point way down while remaining strong and reliable!

Sinclair Designs also offers options for Carport systems, ballasted roof mounts, and high portrait ground mounts. Contact us to get your quote today!

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