Sol-Ark 12k: The Ultimate Off Grid Solar Inverter

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The Sol-Ark 12k Outdoor Case is an all-in-one pre-wired inverter system features new capabilities such as systems gains and true three phase. It is the most efficient and cost-effective inverter in its class by a long stretch, just see the inverter comparison chart below.

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*There is a 1 week lead time on all Sol-Ark inverters


EMP hardening for 1 Sol-Ark 12k inverter.

Optional add-on in case larger pair of CT’s are needed. The Sol-Ark 12k includes a pair of 100 Amp CT’s.


The Sol-Ark 12k Outdoor Case inverter has an entirely new range of use than its sister Sol-Ark 8k inverter. This all-in-one pre-wired inverter system features new capabilities such as systems gains and true three phase. It is the most efficient and cost-effective inverter in its class by a long stretch, just see the inverter comparison chart below.

Are you an installer or contractor looking for a Sol-Ark? Contact us today!

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Sol-ark 12k Overview


This solar inverter can be used off-grid or on grid and is expandable up to 72 kW! With 20kW peak power, it is truly limitless. Applications include parallel stacking (see video below), grid sell, meter zero, time of use, smart load, AC coupling, & peak shaving.


The Sol-Ark 12k Outdoor Case is a pre-wired system that contains the inverter, charge controller, and more, all in one package; no fuses, breakers, or combiner boxes necessary! With minimal additional hardware required, your install stays simple and low-cost.

Battery Agnostic

Sol-Ark inverters also do not have expensive battery restrictions like other solar inverters do, and can be used with a wide variety of 48V battery chemistries, from lead to lithium.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Proven to last well beyond the standard 10 year warranty

Engineered, Serviced, and Tested in the USA

Talk to a US Based Engineer 7 days a week

No Glitch Switch (4ms)

Fastest transfer time in the industry.


Watch our off-grid solar installation with Sol-Ark here

The best applications for the Sol-Ark 12k are off-grid, big gains, and time of use. For smaller scale systems, we highly recommend the Sol-ark 8k. Contact us for help figuring out which inverter is right for you!

  • Grid-Tied Mode – Sell power back to the Utility to reduce your electric bill
  • Meter Zero Mode – Zero your electric bill without adding an additional smart meter
  • Time-Of-Use Mode – Use solar and batteries to minimize grid power usage when it’s most expensive
  • Smart Load Mode – Use a programmable output for high-power off grid loads or grid
  • Time-of-use loads – to run only when there is optimum solar – use excess PV power when batteries are full
  • Off Grid applications – battery agnostic
  • AC Coupling – retrofits to existing grid tie systems
  • Battery backup


Sol-Ark 12k: The Best in Every Category

When stacked up against similar systems, the Sol-Ark 12k Outdoor Case is not only the most affordable but also the most efficient and innovative solar inverter on the market!

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Technical Features:

  • Transformerless inverter
  • Pure sine wave
  • 120/240/208V
  • Grid-tie, off-grid, or hybrid applications (can be with or without batteries)
  • Wide variety or 48V battery chemistries, from lead to lithium
  • Simultaneously manages power to battery, loads, and grid (max 9.6 kW to AC loads/grid)
  • 12 kW solar PV continuous power
  • 9.6 kW Inverter AC continuous power on-grid (8 kW off-grid)
  • 8kW Inverter DC continuous power
  • Expandable (up to 72 kw)
  • Highly efficient (96.5% PV to AC efficiency means less solar required)
  • Max allowed PV power: 13,000 Watts.


User Features and Integrations:

  • Color touch screen
  • Remote monitoring from smart device
  • 2 built in 500V MPPT charge controllers
  • Battery disconnect
  • Battery temp sensor
  • Auto-generator start
  • Rapid shut down signal
  • Current sensors
  • Battery communication
  • PV Disconnect
  • Wiring knockouts
  • WiFi
  • Front-access AC breakers

Literature and Downloads

Call us or request a consultation for a proper design for your scenario and balance of system (BOS).

Monitor it from anywhere!




    Output Power: 12,000W
    Max allowed PV power: 9,000W + 9,000W = 16,500W
    Max PV power delivered to battery & AC outputs: 12,000W
    Max DC voltage: 500V@18A, 450V@20A
    MPPT voltage range: 150 – 425V
    Starting voltage: 175V
    Number of MPPT: 2
    Solar strings per MPPT – 2 w/o fuses, 3 w/ fuses
    Max DC current per MPPT (self-limiting):
    20A@300V, 18A@400V
    Max AC coupled input (micro/string inverters): 7,600W


    Output Power: 9,600W on grid & 8,000W off grid
    Connections: 120/240/208 split phase
    Continuous AC power to grid (on grid): 9,600W 40A L-L (240V) / 4,800W 40A L-N (120V)
    Continuous AC power to grid (off grid): 8,000W 40A L-L (240V) / 4,800W 40A L-N (120V)
    Surge AC power (5 sec): 20,000VA L-L (240V) / 10,000VA L-N (120V)
    Parallel Stacking: 2-3 (240V), 3 or 6 (208V)
    Frequency: 60/50Hz
    Solar strings per MPPT: 2 w/o fuses, 3 w/ fuses
    Continuous AC power with grid or Generator : 12,000W 50A L-L (240V) / 6,000W 50A L-N (120V)
    CEC Efficiency: 96.0% (peak 97.0%)
    Idle Consumption typical – no load: 60W
    Sell back power modes: Limited to household or full grid-tied
    Design (DC to AC): Transformerless DC
    Response Time (Grid-tie to Off-grid): 4ms
    Power Factor: +-0.9-1.0

BATTERY (optional)

    Output Power: 8,000W
    Type: Lead-acid or Li-ion
    Nominal DC Input: 48V
    Capacity: 90 – 2,000Ah
    Voltage range: 43.0 – 61.0V
    Continuous Battery charging output: 190A
    Charging curve: 3 stage w/ equalization
    Grid to Battery charging efficiency: 96.0%
    External temperature sensor: included
    Current shunt for accurate % SOC: integrated
    External generator start based on voltage or % SOC: integrated
    Communication to Lithium battery: CanBus & RS485


    Dimensions (H x W x D): 28.0″ x 17.375″ x 9.37″
    Weight: 77 lbs
    Enclosure: NEMA type 1 (Indoor use)
    Ambient Temperature (3 variable speed fans): -25 to 55 oC, >45oC derating
    Display: Color touch screen
    Wi-Fi Communication (monitoring or SW updates): included
    Snap on sensors for limited selling to household: included
    Standard warranty (verified by HALT testing): 10 years


  • PV DC disconnect switch NEC 240.15
  • Ground fault detection NEC 690.5
  • PV rapid shut down control NEC 690.12
  • PV Arc fault detection NEC 690.11/UL1699B
  • PV input lightning protection
  • AC input/output 50A breakers
  • Battery breaker / disconnect
  • User wiring enclosure with 3/4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” and 1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” knockouts
  • *Optional* Solar Flare / EMP Hardened to 2015 MIL-STD-461G (independently tested June 2018)
  • Electronics certified safety by SGS labs to NEC & UL specs – NEC 690.4B & NEC 705.4/6
  • Grid Sell Back – UL1741-2019/2018, IEEE1547a-2003/2014, FCC 15 Class C, UL1741SA, CA Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H

10 reviews for Sol-Ark 12k: The Ultimate Off Grid Solar Inverter

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Jeff Clymer (verified owner)

    Great service and product

  3. Jeremiah

    Such a powerful & versatile unit. I have been working with Outback, Schneider, Magnum, and various Chinese inverters for years……this rewrites the book and blows them all away. Super impressed and will advise all my premium clients to use this unit. Love Scott and the crew at PP, great service!

  4. Paul (verified owner)

  5. Drexel W. (verified owner)

    The team provided updates to me straight through the entire process. I will most definitely do more business with them!

  6. Paul Franklin (verified owner)

    Not yet connected. Good price.

  7. ahmed (verified owner)

    Prompt shipping an no whoops to jump through.

  8. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great Service! Great Products! Thank you

  9. John Bias

    More expensive than your Chinese inverters BUT for a hassle free one stop shop and unparalleled service this is the inverter to have!!
    This is a set it and forget it type inverter or if you like you can do many intricate things with it. Very Versatile, Compact. No more charge controllers, shunts, inverter, charger. Just one box to do it all.

  10. Chuck Caudill

    Have been using two 12k Sol Ark’s in parallel for 6 months with 900 AH of batteries. This system is excellent. It does as advertised. The Florida sun coupled with this system produces more than I need which means I make money back almost every month. Practical Preppers is the ONLY place to do business for your solar needs. The support still continues AFTER your system is up and running. I could not be happier!

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