Sol-Ark 15k: The Ultimate Off Grid Solar Inverter

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*There is a 1 week lead time on all Sol-Ark inverters


EMP hardening for 1 Sol-Ark 15k inverter.

Optional add-on in case larger pair of CT’s are needed. The Sol-Ark 15k includes a pair of 300 Amp CT’s.


The Sol-Ark 15k Outdoor Case inverter has an entirely new range of use than its sister Sol-Ark 12k inverter. This all-in-one pre-wired inverter system features new capabilities and is the most efficient and cost-effective inverter in its class by a long stretch.

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Sol-ark 15k Overview


200A passthrough, so there’s no subpanel needed! This inverter is perfect for whole-home backup. Features and benefits include parallel stacking, grid sell, meter zero, time of use, smart load, AC coupling, & peak shaving.


The Sol-Ark 15k Outdoor Case is a pre-wired system that contains the inverter, charge controller, and more, all in one package; no fuses, breakers, or combiner boxes necessary! With minimal additional hardware required, your install stays simple and low-cost.

Battery Agnostic

Sol-Ark inverters also do not have expensive battery restrictions like other solar inverters do, and can be used with a wide variety of 48V battery chemistries, from lead to lithium.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Proven to last well beyond the standard 10 year warranty

Engineered, Serviced, And Tested In The USA

Talk to a US Based Engineer 7 days a week



The best applications for the Sol-Ark 15k are off-grid, big gains, and time of use. For smaller scale systems, we highly recommend the Sol-ark 12k.

  • Grid-Tied Mode – Sell power back to the Utility to reduce your electric bill
  • Meter Zero Mode – Zero your electric bill without adding an additional smart meter
  • Time-Of-Use Mode – Use solar and batteries to minimize grid power usage when it’s most expensive
  • Smart Load Mode – Use a programmable output for high-power off grid loads or grid
  • Time-of-use loads – to run only when there is optimum solar – use excess PV power when batteries are full
  • Off Grid applications – battery agnostic
  • AC Coupling – retrofits to existing grid tie systems
  • Battery backup


User Features and Integrations:

  • Color touch screen
  • Remote monitoring from smart device
  • Battery disconnect
  • Battery temp sensor
  • Auto-generator start
  • Rapid shut down signal
  • Current sensors
  • Battery communication
  • PV Disconnect
  • Wiring knockouts
  • WiFi

Literature and Downloads

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1 review for Sol-Ark 15k: The Ultimate Off Grid Solar Inverter

  1. Excell Berryhill

    I would like to say this is the easiest inverter I have installed, it is so quiet and their is very few wires to use. I would recommend buying from Practical Preppers and watch his youtube channel Engineer775. The manual is easy to read and the wire diagrams were very helpful. This inverter is powering about 65% of my home and is tried into the grid. I have 28 panels that produce close to 12,460 watts. I’m not selling back power to the grid because I’m using every Watt I produce. I still have more room in the SOL-ARK15 to add more panels and bring my production up to 80%. I bought inverter because I wanted to reduce my need on grid power. Lori was a great help in customer service with my questions.

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