Safe Maintenance Tips for Your Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioner

The use of solar power is growing at a rapid rate, with 12.3 million American homes utilizing the green technology. Installing a few solar panels is the perfect way to free yourself from depending on energy companies, allowing you to go completely off-grid and disappear from the map when the time comes. After all, energy companies can shut off your gas supply, but they can’t turn off the sun. Solar is the surest way to become self-sufficient. As the planet warms, you will almost certainly need an air conditioner in your off-grid home, and solar is the perfect way to power it. However, you must be conscious of safety concerns and be aware of how to properly maintain your solar-powered AC unit. 

Potential Hazards

Understanding the problems that come with solar-powered air conditioning devices is the first step to protecting you and your family. The first issue to be aware of is weather damage. When solar panels are placed on the outside of your home, they can be regularly battered by rainstorms and hail. Fortunately, you can protect your solar energy source from these types of damaging natural elements with a waterproof cover.

Secondly, improper voltages can cause problems for the AC unit. Electrical components may stop working if too many volts are pumped through, which can also bring about the possibility for a fire to break out. Use a surge protector and lower the voltage to avoid these potentially disastrous hazards. 

Check the Placement

If the air conditioning isn’t working as it should, then it could be a placement problem. You might think that a solar panel placed flat on the roof of your vehicle or house would be the most effective placement, but this isn’t always the case. Experiment with different angles until you receive maximum efficiency. This will ensure that your air conditioner is fully functioning when you need it. Poor placement could be a safety concern due to an overheating interior, which can cause flammable items to be set ablaze.

There is a simple equation to figure out the perfect angle for your solar panel. Firstly, determine the latitude of your location. If it is summertime, then add 15 to your latitude to get the correct degree of angle. In winter, subtract 15 from your latitude and angle it at that number of degrees. Remember to adjust the placement if you ever move locations.

The Importance of a Good Clean

The final safety precaution is an easy maintenance task, but could actually save lives. Both the AC unit and the solar panels need to be regularly cleaned. This prevents a buildup of dust, which can become flammable. By removing dust frequently, you will keep the climate control working for longer and prevent a fire from breaking out.

Air conditioning might seem like a small consideration, but in hot climates, it really does improve and even save lives. Going solar allows you to go off-grid, but it’s important to be familiar with maintenance and safety requirements. This way, you will be able to stay cool without the risk of a fire.

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