Tactical Prepping Gear: The Right Body Armor for Being Prepared

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Tactical Prepping gear is essential for prepping. Tactical preppers understand the importance of being prepared for an emergency, a human-made event or a natural disaster that will plunge society into chaos.

But apart from stocking up food provisions, first aid necessities, and other life-saving items, it’s important to think about how tactical gear can increase your chances of survival. A bulletproof vest or body armor may not be at the top of your list in times of peace and social order but at any given time – we are just a martial law step away from it meaning the difference between life and death.

Tactical gear for preppers comes in many shapes and forms but the most common one includes some form of body armor. There are different styles to choose from – covert (hidden) or overt (visible) and you need to carefully consider what your end game is here. Are you trying to draw attention and use authority to your advantage? If so, then making it known you are wearing body armor is the way to go. But keep in mind that in a life or death situation, alerting everyone to the fact that you have protection can leave you more vulnerable. A covert bulletproof vest is, therefore, the preferred option for tactical preppers who want the peace of mind and added advantage of concealed protection.

When you think about tactical gear for preppers, two things come on top – comfort, and protection. And they are equally important. You can decide to splash out on a bulletproof vest with the highest level of protection and extra panels for additional security but if you can’t walk more than a mile let alone run in it, what good will it serve you?

When it comes to protecting your body, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice mobility for safety. Always opt for body armor that is optimally designed to both protect your body and allow you free movement in critical situations. This includes bulletproof vests, helmets, full-body armor, headgear, plates, and more.

One main advantage of tactical gear popular with adventure-seekers, preppers, and survivalists of all types is how versatile and functional it is. Some bulletproof vests can be adjusted and have a holster for your sidearm, along with space for ammunition magazines. When you’re in the field and need quick access to your gun, this is the most convenient way to get it. 

But tactical vests are not just great for their gun holsters and room for ammo. Body armor is also your first defense for covering vital organs in a dire situation. Modern-day bulletproof vests are combination load bearing vests and plate carriers. The integration of modern materials makes these vests unit integral and user-friendly. All security forces and military today are using tactical vests for their troops.

Tactical prepping gear can also be used to carry armor like steel plates and SAPI plates. These are heavier but will stop enemy bullets from penetrating the body. When the right plate is carried by the vest, the projectiles are immediately stopped. This will come at the expense of reducing your speed and agility, though.

All in all, there are many reasons preppers prefer tactical gear to commercial gear. Tactical gear for preppers boasts many high-performance features. As a prepper, you should take the time to learn the functions and tasks this gear is capable of performing without getting damaged.  The fact that military and law enforcement personnel rely on it proves it’s the best choice when the going gets rough and they have to seek reliable protection. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions related to tactical prepping gear.

Thomas Bowman

Thomas Bowman is an expert writer for SafeGuard Armor, who provide a range of body armor, stab proof vests and other levels of protective clothing.