Air Conditioning

4 Choices: All-DC, Hybrid AC-DC Solar Air Conditioners, Portable and Chillers

• ON-GRID Select the ACDC12 hybrid AC-DC air conditioner to use 90% solar power during the day and normal power when the sun is not shining. Uses 3 PV solar panels and NO BATTERIES are required. The ACDC12 always requires a grid connection.
• OFF-GRID – Select the DC4812VRF DC Air Conditioner when you don’t have or can’t rely on grid power. Uses 4 or more PV solar panels along with batteries. The DC4812VRF is a 100% DC unit and requires no grid connection. Ideal for solar or telecom use.
Compare DC/Solar Air Conditioners

AC-DC Hybrid Solar Air ConditionersModel ACDC12

All-DC 48v DC Air ConditionersModel DC4812VRF 

Uses DC solar power and AC grid power, mixed
Uses solar or other source of DC power only

Requires a grid connection
No grid connection required

No batteries required
Batteries required (min. 4 x 12v, deep cycle)

Uses 3 x 250w PV solar panels
Uses 4, 6, 8, or 10 PV solar panels, 250w

R410a Heat Pump – Cooling & Heating
R410a Heat Pump – Cooling & Heating

11,000 BTU Variable Speed/Capacity
12,000 BTU Variable Speed/Capacity VRF

24 Hours per Day Operation
Select 10, 15, 20 or 24 Hours per Day Operation

Simple installation like normal minisplit, just add solar
Simple installation like normal minisplit, add DC power

Built with SeaSpray™Anti-Corrosion Technology
Built with SeaSpray™ Anti-Corrosion Technology

Below: ACDC12 AC-DC Hybrid solar air conditioner system design. Uses 3 solar panels and no batteries. Needs constant AC power source.

Below: All-DC air conditioner system design. 
No AC power needed.


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