Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman’s Guide to Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings

Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease is a unique simplified guide to using antibacterial and antifungal veterinary medications. It is meant to help the non-medical professional in disaster, survival, and other austere settings where modern medicine is non-existent.

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Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease is a book that homesteaders, outdoorsmen, medical missionaries, ocean voyagers, those in remote areas, and folks in the preparedness community will find is an indispensable tool in circumstances where the ambulance is not just around the corner. The book discusses common and uncommon infectious diseases, as well as how to identify and treat them with antibiotics. Fish antibiotics, as well as a limited number of bird antibiotics, are described, including their uses, common side effects and dosing for the diseases they treat. 

“Dr. Alton and Nurse Amy have done it again!  How do you top the award winning “The Survival Medicine Handbook”? Follow it up with an antibacterial use guide in austere settings!  This book does just that;  it is a must read for any person wanting to have 21st century medicine ready when medical systems are overwhelmed or unreachable.  This book serves as a guide for responsible citizens to help when trained personnel may or may not arrive. Indications, dosing, and appropriate interval and length of therapy are clearly outlined in this book.  Dr. Alton covers the pandemic diseases and tropical diseases, as well as the common everyday infections that trouble first world citizens. Enjoy this treasure trove of knowledge!” – Lori Hunt of Practical Preppers

This book is the 2020 Book Excellence Award Winner in Medicine. The aquatic and avian antibiotics described in this book are known to be essentially identical to the human versions, and are available over the counter for emergency storage and preparedness.


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