The Best Kettle Stove Combo - Kelly Kettle & Silverfire

The Best Kettle Stove Combo - Kelly Kettle & Silverfire

The stainless steel Kelly Kettle trekker and the Silverfire Scout camping stove is the best kettle stove combination for cooking outdoor. The small stainless Trekker Kelly Kettle fits perfectly on the SilverFire Scout. This unstoppable camping duo will give you the ultimate outdoor cooking experience!






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The Best Kettle Stove Combination for Outdoor Cooking!

The stainless steel Kelly Kettle trekker and the Silverfire Scout camping stove is our favorite kettle-stove combination for cooking outdoors. The small stainless Trekker Kelly Kettle fits perfectly on the SilverFire Scout. You can order them separately below or together for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience!

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Kettle and Stove Outdoor Cooking Video Demonstration

About the Silverfire® Scout Camp Stove

The SilverFire® Scout is an ultra lightweight wood fired gasifier stove, that operates on twigs or flammable biomass. It’s perfect for outdoor cooking whether you’re camping, 

It is an ultra compact gasifier design intended for minimalist backpacking or bug out application. It is designed to be used with small solo sized pots or other backpack trekking and cookware. The recommended weight for the Scout is 3 lb / 1.5 Kg small pots. This translates to small cookware designed to heat a quart or liter of water. This stove is not designed for large family cookware, such as our Dragon Pot. Consider one of our larger portable stove models for family sized meals. The Scout Stove includes a black bag with drawstring.

The simple modular camping stove is the diameter of a CD and the profile is only 2.5″ tall when collapsed and stowed in the nylon bag. The Scout TLUD is a leading compact gasifier stove design. 
Clean burning gasification is provided by natural draft ventilation. The stove produces high heat for a twenty minute burn with a single load of ordinary twigs.  There are no moving parts, no electronics, and a zero post-manufacturing carbon footprint.

Silverfire Scout Specifications

Stove Height:  6.75 inches (assembled); 2.5 inches (collapsed)
Diameter:  5 inches
Weight:  12 oz
Construction:  All stainless steel
Combustion Design: TLUD

About the Kelly Kettle Trekker

The Kelly Kettle is Carbon-Neutral, Eco Friendly, and Creates a Great Camping Experience!
  • Boils 20 fl.oz. of water quickly using just Sticks, Pine Cones, Dry Grass, Bark, etc. Works in ALL weather conditions.
  • Perfect for 1-2 people, Trekking, Hiking, Backpacking, Scouts, Couples, Kayaking, Picnics, Fishing, etc.
  • Great Preparedness Item for Power Shortages, Storms & Emergency Kits.
  • A Green Whistle has replaced the older Orange stopper and lets you know when the water is boiled.
  • Lightweight – Never carry fuel again!  Height 10.4 inches. Only weighs 1.5 lb
  • Now Comes With Upgraded Steel Fire-Base. Historically, the fire-bases were Aluminum which softened, warped and burned out quite quickly.

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as Standard Equipment with each Kelly Kettle.

The Kelly Kettle works great in stormy conditions, bringing water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occurring in the area – sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark etc. No need to carry extra fuel.

There are no running costs associated with your Kelly Kettle. Users have described these kettles as the “Greatest Invention of all Time.” These carbon-neutral Kelly Kettle’s are Eco Friendly and make camping fun and easy.

Kelly Kettle Stainless ‘Trekker’ Specifications:

Height: 10.6 inches (Packed)
Diameter: 5.5 inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
Capacity: 20 fl. Ounces, 2.5 cups, .59L
Weight: 1.7 lbs.


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