Flexcharge NCHC 48 volt Controller



The Default configuration comes with a 35 Amp charge contactor. A 60 amp or 100 amp contactor upgrade can be added. 
These highly efficient controllers are available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts,
and in 35, 60 and 100 amp charging / diversion currents.
They can be easily expanded in the field to handle up to 1000 amps of
charging current.


When setting up an NCHC for over 100 amps –
Please call us first.


The NCHC uses external mercury contactors for rapid switching to control
charging current.
Ideal for charging lead acid flooded or sealed (AGM or gel cell) batteries as
well as for flooded cell Ni-Cad batteries.
Being one of the most versatile controllers, the NCHC allows you to charge
your battery(s) from photovoltaic modules and / or a wind or hydro generator
as well as most d.c. power sources such as outboard motors, battery
chargers and power supplies.


The controller continually monitors the battery(s) state of charge and allows
full power from your energy source to go into the battery(s).
This offers an excellent charging algorithm and extends battery life.


The NCHC can be ordered in a configuration to match your charging source
type and output.


When used with photovoltaic modules alone, only the charging contactor is
required to disconnect the modules when the battery is fully charged – it will
also cycle open and closed to keep the batteries topped off.
This charging method reduces sulfation and puts less stress on your batteries.
Blocking diodes, which we stock, are required to prevent night time discharge
through your modules.


The picture above shows the NCHC with the divert contactor to the left of the
charging contactor.
The divert contactor is used when the charging source can not be disconnected
from the batteries (or a load) while it is producing power – such as a wind
generator or mini / micro hydro-electric generator.
It can also be used with photovoltaics when you want excess unused power
to go to a heating load.


When the NCHC senses a full charge at the battery(s) it will open the charging
contactor (which disconnects incoming power from the batteries) and closes
the divert contactor which allows incoming power to go to a diversion load
such as a water or air heating element.
The NCHC will cycle back and forth as needed to maintain a high state of
charge in your battery system.


When photovoltaic modules are combined with a wind or water power source,
blocking diodes are required at the modules to both prevent night time
discharge as well as to protect the modules from high voltage spikes which
can be produced by a mechanical charging source
The NCHC can also be used with a power source of up to 120 volts d.c.
This is done by connecting a 48 volt NCHC control module to a portion
of the battery bank (48 volts worth).
By monitoring that section of the battery bank its contactors can control
incoming power.  
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