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This D.I.Y. Kit is an economical way to reduce your power bill by using solar panels and a hybrid hot water controller to heat your water. Download the installation guide for more information on hooking up the panels and controller.


NOTICE: 10-14 Day Lead Time



A great solar D.I.Y. kit to Greatly reduce if not eliminate the cost to heat your water and dependence on the grid. The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller has a CPU specially programmed for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and continually adjusts during the day to get the most power from the Solar Panels. MPPT is especially needed in the mornings, afternoons or cloudy days to keep the most power pumping into the heating element at all times. You can try hooking up your solar panels direct, but without MPPT you will get little heat for your investment and have other problems.

A DIY Kit includes:

  • one solar hybrid hot water controller
  • Your choice number of 300 Watt panels
  • Your choice of top of pole mount (pole not included)
  • PV Cable wire with connectors

PV cable wire with connectors will only be included with the purchase of a full kit. Mounting hardware and disconnects are not included.


  • 1-10AWG PV Cable
    Cable Length: 100 FT
  • 300Watt Panels of professional grade 60 cell modules
  • Max Wattage on Charge Controller: 1280 W
  • Max cable length to water heating element: 5 ft

Solar Panel Spec Sheet
Sunrac – Top of Pole Mount Manual

Complete Materials List for Project

  • Hot water tank (existing tanks in most homes work)
  • Hot water controller
  • 3-4 Solar Panels (300W)
  • PV Cable (100 ft) with connectors
  • Solar mount
  • Pole (for top of pole mount)
  • heat sink for controller (generally a 10″ x 10″ x 4″ UL listed metal enclosure)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Eaton Disconnect
  • Metal conduit to above ground wire runs
  • Copper grounding rod

Note: A 4″ pole for mounting the panels and racking must be sourced locally.

Solar Panels

None, 3 Solar Panels (930W), 4 Solar Panels (1240W)

Mounting Hardware

None, 3 panel top of pole mount, 4 panel top of pole mount

2 reviews for Hot Water DIY KIT

  1. Tim T.

    Looks like a great product. I have all the parts and most are installed but ……my hot water heater has no hole for element in the bottom. Had a plug so after draining it (82gallons) pulled the plug and solid steel. I guess it will delay my installation but i am ready when i get the tank replaced. It was easy to set up; looking forward to getting it working.

  2. John D

    I installed mine last fall. Three 280 watt poly panels provide up to 840 watts for the controller. It works very well. I’m well pleased. Only myself and my wife live in the house and the water heater holds only 30 gallons. Before solar, the temperature controls were set at about 110 degrees, our preferred temperature for showering. The top element is still set at 110 but the bottom (solar powered) element is set at about 135. After a sunny or partly sunny day we now get HOT water. Someday I’ll replace the water heater with a larger one to store more hot water to tide us over the many rainy and heavily overcast days we get here in Virginia during the winter. During the low sun angles of the winter, tree trunk and branch shadows moved across the panels most of the day, greatly reducing the output of the panels but I could still see significant savings on the electric bills. The water began to get really hot again beginning around March 10th. The panels can be tilted up to about 55 degrees for the winter. Next winter I’ll experiment with 80 square feet of aluminum foil covered plywood below the panels to try to mitigate the shadow problem.

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