Hot Water DIY KIT


This D.I.Y. Kit is an economical way to reduce your power bill by using solar panels and a hybrid hot water controller to heat your water.

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A great little solar D.I.Y. kit to Greatly reduce if not eliminate the cost to heat your water.  The kit includes one solar hybrid hot water controller, 4 solar panels,  and PV cable wire with connectors .   Mounting hardware and disconnects are not included.


PV Wire Included   300Watt Panels of professional grade 60 cell modules- brands vary. 


1-10AWG PV Cable
Cable Length: 100 FT
Negative Connector: Multi-Contact MC4 Male 
Positive Connector: No Connector 

1- 10AWG PV Cables

Positive Connector: Multi-Contact MC4 Female 
Negative Connector: No Connector
Cable Length: 100 FT 




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