PV direct hot water controller


Solar Hot Water The Easy Way!
No Pumps – No Pipes – No Plumbing – Simple Hot Water

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Solar Hot Water The Easy Way!
No Pumps – No Pipes – No Plumbing – Simple Hot Water

  • Affordable – Compare with fluid systems costing $5,000 or more!
  • Save Money – Reduced grid power usage saves you hundreds every year!
  • Maintenance Free – NO pumps, NO pipes, NO freezing to worry about!
  • Less Equipment – NO batteries, NO inverters, NO charge controllers!
  • Always Hot – Hybrid hot water on bad solar days / solar if grid is down!
  • Grid Power Backup – Dark cloudy days are not a problem!
  • Winter Cold Proof – Solar PV panels work when fluid systems would be too cold
  • Freeze Proof – No outside pipes to freeze, solves problems fluid systems have
  • MPPT – Microprocessor controlled constant Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Light Cloudy Days – MPPT technology keeps the heat coming!
  • No Batteries – Batteries are a pain! Lots of energy loss, messy, 5 yr lifespan
  • Upgradeable System – Add more solar panels or a second unit as you go
  • Time Of Use Ready – Got high PEAK POWER PRICES? This will help!
  • Eco Friendly – Reduced CO2 emissions! Reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Home Value – You own the solar panels, not the power company!
  • Easy Install SHW – Two wires in and two wires out!
  • Uses Installed Heater – Uses the existing electric water heater in most cases
  • No Element Change – No heating element change is needed in most cases
  • No Thermostat Change – No thermostat change is needed in most cases
  • Off Grid Possible – Completely off grid is possible, see our other systems!
  • Off Grid Already? No Battery Drain – Less or no draw from your battery system
  • “Smart” Meter Ready – No power company contracts or hassles!
  • UL 1741 Compliant – UL, NEC and NEMA compliant, see Specs below
  • Made in the USA – Designed and manufactured in the USA

pic solar hybrid controller

Why RENT your power when you

What this will do for you:

You are already paying to heat water in your home, this innovative product, the Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller will save money on your power bill by supplementing your hot water heater power usage with free solar power.

FREE ENERGY FROM THE SUN heats your water with a low cost, simple, easy to install system.

No pumps, pipes, re-plumbing, leaks or freezing to worry about, just two simple wires! No need to drain the tank.

Wires are a lot easier to run than doing plumbing.

Only minor modifications are needed for most standard water heaters, simple wiring modifications. NO HEATING ELEMENT CHANGES NEEDED. The wiring modifications are easily reversible.

You can Do It Yourself DIY or ask your local professional solar installer or dealerfrom our growing list about how well it works!

pic tv icon See it in operation! See video below! The TechLuck-SHWC-1

pic electric water heaterYour hot water tank becomes a “solar storage battery”, storing energy as heat, reducing your power bill without expensive deep cycle batteries, charge controllers or inverters. Daily solar panel watts = watts off your bill. Maintenance free, no messy batteries to change out every 5 years, no battery charging power losses, no inverter conversion losses.

Heat conduction via MPPT solar power is by far, the most efficient method of using PV panels to heat water. The maximum power/BTUh from each solar watt-hour is efficiently converted to heat and saved as BTUh energy in your hot water tank, reducing your power bill.

The solar energy gets stored in your hot water tank and adds up all day long, simple example, 750W all of hour 1 + 750W all of hour 2, etc.. So the upper grid backup heating element comes on less. 750W X 9 hours sun = 6,750 Wh or about 6.7 KWh a day off your bill, not bad, that’s over 200 KWh a month! Time your use and conserve and you are in pretty good shape for what you spent on this low cost system. (your daily solar output may vary)

You can have hot water when grid power is out (limited to solar wattage of course). You get hot water in the winter when fluid based systems would get too cold to work well.

pic solar panelThings have changed, Solar Panels are now available on a regular basis for close to 70 cents a Watt or less shipped to your door, making this the low cost choice for solar water heating! (solar panels not included)

The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller allows you to use a standard domestic Hot Water Heater with standard “24V” Solar Panels starting with a “48V” configuration ( 2 x “24V” ). You do not have to change the heating element in most situations!

BUY IT NOW from our growing list of Solar Dealers! Click Here

Works equally well with “12V” panels. Many different configurations of “12V” panels are possible, starting at “48V” (4 X 12V panels) minimum.

Questions? See the Solar Hybrid FAQ page. Skip to the Technical Specs below. 

Solar tax credits and power company rebates may be available! [ Check your State Here ]

pic no solar piping mess
No piping nightmare!

You don’t have to change the existing heating element, make any plumbing modifications, or drain the tank. No 2nd tank. No Pumps. No chance of leaks from this mod. Piped systems cost thousands of dollars.

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