RDX-1 Hand-Held Radiation Detector

Do you know if you are being exposed to harmful radiation? Detect gamma, beta, or X-ray radiation with this compact and hand-held radiation detector!

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About the RDX-1 Hand-Held Radiation Detector:

Do you know if you are being exposed to harmful radiation? The RDX-1 affordable hand-held portable radiation meter is small enough to go anywhere and as sensitive as the $1000 professional models since RDX-1 Detects minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or X-rays. The unit’s Geiger Muller tube Detects all gamma and beta isotopes released by nuclear power plants such as iodine and cesium. It is ideal for Homeland Security and for detecting environmental / industrial contamination. It can be used to screen for radiation in air, food and water. Designed for nontechnical persons the RDX-1 uses a very sensitive 200VDC, Geiger Muller tube detector; and yet offers easy one-button operation.

Features and Specs:

Geiger-Müller Tube Sensor: Halogen-quenched detector tube (Gold Standard) with 3mm glass wall (Density is 28mg/cm2)
Factory Calibration: Cesium 137 (gamma)
Dual Scale Display: Analog logarithmic
Display Range: 0-100µSv/hr and 0-10mR/hr
Accuracy: ±20%
Sound: 3 CPM/0.03mR/h (background) and 100 counts per minute (CPM) /0.2mR/h
Chirps (clicks) for each gamma or Beta detected
Alert: Meter gives audible alarm when Radiation is above 10mR/hr or 0-100µSv/hr
Indicator light: Red LED confirms unit is operating and battery power is OK
Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery
Dimensions: 3 1/4″ X 6 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ thick
Weight: 216 grams (7.6 oz) including battery
NOTE: 10mR/hr = 0-100µSv/hr

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