Trojan SPRE 06 415 – Solar Premium Flooded Battery (6V 415 Ah)

The Trojan SPRE 06 415 is a premium flooded, deep-cycle battery 0ptimized for solar and other renewable energy applications

  • 1,900 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • 8 Year Life-Span
  • 2-Year Warranty

Minimum Quantity: 4



Trojan SPRE 06 415

minimum order quantity: 4 batteries

Deep Cycle Flooded/Advanced Lead Acid Battery for Solar

  • Premium flooded, deep-cycle battery
  • Optimized for solar and other renewable energy applications
  • 1,900 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • 8 Year Life-Span
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Low Maintenance

Trojan’s Solar Premium batteries are optimized for PV Solar and other renewable energy applications which operate under challenging conditions such as fluctuating or extreme temperatures, remote locations and the intermittent nature of solar and wind power generation.

Trojan Solar Premium Flooded Battery Details

Trojan solar flooded lead acid battery

Trojan SPRE 06 415
Voltage 6 V
Capacity 415 Ah @ 100 Hr
Material Polypropylene
Battery Deep-Cycle Flooded/Advanced Lead Acid Battery
Color Maroon
Watering Single-Point Watering Kit (Optional)
Highlights Smart Carbon™ for Improved Performance
8 Years Battery Life Based on IEC 61427


The Trojan SPRE 06 415 premium flooded battery is rated at 1,900 cycles at 50% DoD. Based on the IEC 61427 standard, these solar batteries have a life span of 8 years. Trojan Battery’s Solar Premium line of flooded, deep-cycle batteries is specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of renewable energy applications. Their product strategy is focused on one simple objective – manufacture the highest quality battery available in the industry, which is why our Premium line is tested to IEC standards.

Physical Specifications

BCI Group Size Length Width Height Weight
903 11.625″ 7″ 17.6875″ 118 lb



  • Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™  – optimizes porosity development in the active material, enabling the active material to be used more effectively. This results in sustained battery performance over a longer period of time.
  • DuraGrid™ Design  – provides a thick grid structure that resists corrosion, and when combined with the Alpha Plus Paste with T2 technology, increases overall battery life.
  • Maxguard® XL Separator  – exclusively available in Trojan’s Premium and Industrial lines. It features a wide-channel design which increases acid flow for optimum battery performance, and provides even greater resistance to stratification, a typical mode of failure in batteries used in renewable energy systems.
  • The Polyon™ container –  Trojan’s ultra-rugged case design which protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture and dirt buildup, and safeguards against potential acid leaks.


About Smart Carbon™

Smart Carbon™ Deep-cycle batteries used in off-grid and unstable grid applications are heavily cycled at partial state of charge (PSOC). Operating at PSOC on a regular basis can quickly diminish the overall life of a battery, which results in frequent and costly battery replacements. To address the impact of PSOC on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter backup and telecom applications, Trojan Battery has now included Smart Carbon™ as a standard feature in its Industrial (IND) and Premium (RE) flooded battery lines


trojan solar battery specs


Battery watering technology is required for optimal performance and life-span of flooded lead acid batteries. The following battery watering kit is specifically designed for 8 6V batteries such as the Trojan SPRE 06 415.

battery watering kit

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