What Is PV Direct?

We love PV Direct systems for their simplicity and because they are opening doors for more families to enjoy solar energy. PV Direct systems don’t require batteries, charge controllers, or inverters; generally, you just connect your panels directly to an appliance. By eliminating those big components, PV Direct systems are simple, affordable and easy to install yourself!

We recommend using a PV Direct system to power your most power-hungry appliances (AC unit, hot water heater, etc.). You’ll immediately benefit from lower power bills and you’ll still have the option to build onto your solar later. Practical Preppers® offers off-grid and hybrid PV Direct kits for hot water, air conditioning, well pumps and more. It is the clear and simple path to free, clean, and independent energy.

Stand-Alone Vs. PV Direct System

PV Direct With Engineer775

Follow Practical Preppers® founder Scott Hunt (aka Engineer775) as he installs a PV Direct system that will provide an endless supply of hot water using solar.

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Hot Water

CyboEnergy H Model Off Grid Inverter Kit​

Easy to install and maintain, and can still run when the grid is down. The CyboInverter H Model can connect to 4 solar panels and generate up to 1250W AC power. Each CyboInverter’s input channel has its own control and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) mechanism so that power production is maximized and the partial shading problem is eliminated.

Hot Water

Sun Bandit Water Heater

An off-grid system that provides your primary hot water, while your home's electricity, natural gas, or propane serves as a backup source. This system requires no plumbing, making it especially ideal for homes in cold climates. The Sun Bandit® is easy to install, highly efficient, scaleable, and can operate during power outages.

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The ACDC12C is designed for low cost, easy installation and a fast payback. This unique solar air conditioning technology requires no batteries, no inverter, no controller – just plug in the solar panels and start saving up to more than 80% on daytime cooling or heating costs. In addition to cooling, the ACDC12C solar heat pump will provide solar powered heating. Order today or get a consultation for help planning your system.

Pond Aeration

Complete Solar Pond Aeration System

Aeration systems help with algae control, fish health, mosquitoes, odors, and more. This Solar Aeration System provides all the benefits of traditional aeration without the costly batteries, AC wiring, and ongoing expense of grid power. Even during cloudy conditions, they provide low-maintenance, high-volume Solar Aeration on any site. Applications include fish ponds, livestock watering, golf courses, and many more!

Water Pumping

SQFlex Pump

The Grundfos SQFlex is our favorite pump. This pump can run both AC and DC power without requiring an external inverter. The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable. You also have the option to install this with back-up batteries or generators that can take over when the energy from nature is not available. Start your consultation

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Water Pumping

Pico Blender

The UL certified PicoBlender™ seamlessly blends energy between a solar array and the power grid. It is ideally suited for applications that require 24/7 or some night time operation, particularly in areas with high energy costs. Typical applications include swimming pool pumps, well pumps, solar decorative fountains, aerators and waste water treatment systems.

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Water Pumping

Pico Cell

The PicoCell 3500 universal controller can power motors, pumps, compressors or other inductive loads regardless of whether it is 50HZ or 60HZ, 120Vac or 240Vac. Designed for remote off-grid installations, the weather proof all aluminum chassis/heat sink is IP65 rated for harsh outdoor environments and can operate in high temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments.

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