Alabama – Off Grid Power and Water for a Remote Home

Customer Goals: Supply remote home and tiny house (shelter) with reliable, off-grid energy

As this family began making preparations to build their dream home on a 100 acre property in Alabama, they turned to us to ensure that their remote home could be completely run on solar power. We worked with the owners through the building process to make sure that their home was completely optimized for the system we would design and install. In addition to off-grid power, this family also wanted to have a reliable, off-grid source for their water. We helped them install a solar powered well pump and are glad that they took our suggestion to build their shop around the well to make future well maintenance easier and improve security. Because this home was so large with multiple buildings on the property, we did go the extra mile to set this off-grid solar system up to easily accept grid power in the future if the owners decided to go that route. Enjoy the full installation video and walk through below!

Watch Us Install It!

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System Details



  • Off Grid well water feeding main home and tiny house
  • 250 ft deep
  • 44 gal bladder tank
  • Grundfos SQ pump 

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