Time of Use Solar System

Customer Goals

Offset expensive time of use rates with solar

System Details

  • Off-Grid Dairy Farm
  • Time of Use Solar System
  • 9.24 kW solar system
  • Lithium Batteries plus Sol-Ark 12k
  • 28 solar modules
  • Bypass switch included
off grid dairy farm

About This Installation

This exciting project brought us a dairy farm belonging to some folks who want to escape their utility company’s expensive Time of Use rates ($12…yes, 12 DOLLARS per kW). In order to offset the time of use rates, we are using the Sol-Ark 12k solar inverter which has time of use technology. The Sol-Ark 12k will communicate with 2 combined Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 LFP batteries. Fortress Power is one of the few companies that offer lithium batteries that are designed to communicate with the Sol-Ark inverters. We have had nothing but great experiences with both Sol-Ark and Fortress Power so far and this particular eFlex battery has a 10 year warranty! Watch our video below to learn more about how this time of use solar system works!