Louisiana – Efficient Off-Grid Solar

System Details

  • 11.2 kW Home Solar System
  • Off Grid Solar
  • 36 Axitec Solar Panels
  • Power Peak Ground Mount
  • 1050 Ah Northstar Battery System
  • PTO Generator for Battery Charging
  • Sol-Ark 8k Solar Inverter
  • Diversion Load Control on Water Heater

About This Installation

We are more than solar installers. We love making our customers’ dreams come true and helping them make the best decisions along the way. Our team took to the South to make this customer’s dream come true of having an off grid cabin. We advised him on ways to make his off grid solar system more efficient, and were thankful that he took our advice! This 11.2 kW off grid solar system will run the entire cabin, but we also utilized the Sol-Ark 8k’s Smart Load feature to make this system even more efficient. The Sol-Ark 8k’s Smart Load feature is a diversion load controller that we used to help heat the cabin’s water. Water heaters are one of the most power-hungry appliances in a home, so by using the Smart Load function we diverted access solar energy to the heat the water tank, making this system more efficient and minimizing the load being put on the solar inverter. Since this customer already had reliable tractors on his site, we set up a PTO generator to charge his battery bank. Watch our video below to see it all come together, and feel free to contact us or call (864) 915-1855 for help with your project!