West Virginia – Designing New Construction for Solar Panels

Customer Goals: Ensure that new home was built for optimal solar energy production

This customer reached out to us as he was planning a new construction, and we gave him advice on how to build with solar in mind. One year later, we were on-site installing the system! A garage-type building was added to the property with just the right size, location, and roof pitch to maximize their solar production. We were able to perfectly fit a 3×14 solar array onto this steep 8/12 roof, with 6 of the panels being used for off-grid air conditioning. Thanks to the folks over at Ace Clamps, we were able to install this roof mount with absolutely zero roof penetration. The panels were dressed with ferrite suppressors to protect the system from an EMP. See how it all comes together and full system details in my video below. 

Watch Us Install It!

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System Details

  • New Construction home
  • Sol-ark 8k Inverter System (system monitoring and software updates!)
  • 42 Axitec Triple Black Panels
  • Off-Grid solar AC (6 panels + mini split)
  • A2N Ace clamps for no-penetration roof mount
  • EMP hardening
  • 20 PCC200 Sol-Ark Batteries (each batteries has 200 amp hours and 12 V)
  • Northstar battery rack 

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