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Customer Goals: Add 100% off-grid solar air conditioning to home

We installed a completely off-grid solar air conditioning system at this beautiful European-style home. We used the ACDC12C Solar Air conditioners found on our site that do not require any grid power to run. Watch the video below to see the final product and for full technical details. We’re always having fun!

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If you are interested in a sustainable system for your home, be sure to contact us or fill out our consultation request form. We are always glad to help!

Why Would You Want Solar AC/Heating?

Air Conditioner units are the most power hungry appliance in most homes, making up an average of 46% of energy bills. Of course your AC/Heating usage will depend on where you live, but it is estimated that the average household pays $90 for heating/cooling every month (we think this is a conservative number for most homes); that’s over $1,080 a year. This system can be purchased for $3,495 (this includes 6 solar panels), which means you can easily receive your investment back in less than 4 years and enjoy free AC/Heating for many more! With this low cost solar system, you can turn the highest part of your bill into your lowest, or eliminate it altogether! 

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How it Works

The ACDC12C unit takes DC (solar) power and blends it with AC (grid) power, if available. You would want to add AC power if you wish to use the unit 24 hours a day. It can also help to have the grid back up in instances where solar is reduced due to clouds, overcast skies, or at night. Of course, the unit will not run without an AC connection in very low sunlight conditions, or at night. 

When connected to both solar and an optional AC power source, the ACDC12C only uses small amounts of power from the utility company, if and as needed. Hybrid operation eliminates the need for batteries and allows use of the system 24 hours per day.

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